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[M.Harter, Ella] - [Masters, Barbara]
[MATEJOVIC, Andreas] - [Meister, Jonathan]
[Meister, Kathryn Ellen] - [Monfils, Edwin F.]
[Monfils, Louis] - [Mylander, Genevieve]

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M.Harter, Ella (b. 5 MAR 1897 - d. 19 FEB 1975)
Maaco, James
Ma'ca, Ferdinand (b. 1888 - d. 1959)
Macco, Francis
Macco, Jean
Macco, Margaret Dorothy (b. --Not Shown--)
MacCormack, Jessica (b. --Not Shown--)
MacCormack, Unknown
MacDonald, Michael
Mach, Anna
Mach, Frantisek
Mach, Frantiska
Machacek, Anna
Machacek, Josef
Machacek, Katarina (b. 27 DEC 1824 - d. 6 MAY 1897)
Machart, Marie Anna (b. 5 JUN 1856 - d. 4 OCT 1933)
Macirovski, Leopold
Macirovski\Marzanc, Anna ( d. BEF. 1910)
Mack, Herbert Arthur (b. 3 MAR 1916 - d. 2 NOV 1963)
Mackesey, Kathy
Ma'cova, Vlasta (b. --Not Shown--)
Madden, Brenda (b. --Not Shown--)
Madden, Lillie
Madlom, Unknown
Madoche, Jean Baptiste (b. 9 APR 1815 - d. 25 OCT 1888)
Madoche, Marie Eugenie (b. MAY 1860 - d. MAR 1921)
Maedke, Beverly A.
Maedke, Cody W.
Maedke, Dana A.
Maedke, Gary K. (b. --Not Shown--)
Maedke, Jeffrey
Maedke, Sandra
Maedke, Tara M.
Maedke, Wayne
Maehl, Maria
Magley, Charles
Magley, Gary Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Magnuson, Harold
Mahlberg, Emma (b. 29 DEC 1869 - d. 29 OCT 1950)
Mahlberg, Henry
Mahre, Marie Josephine (b. 6 JUL 1903 - d. 13 NOV 1998)
Maidii, Maria (b. --Not Shown--)
Maidii, Robert
Maidii, Stephen Howard (b. --Not Shown--)
Maidl, Katharina (b. ABT. 1700)
Maigatter, David
Maimon, Lizzie
Mains, Cathy Lee (b. --Not Shown--)
Mains, Darel Gray (b. --Not Shown--)
Mains, Daryl Gray (b. --Not Shown--)
Mains, Elizabeth Arlene (b. --Not Shown--)
Mains, Lindsay Eleanor (b. --Not Shown--)
Mains, Saundra Rae (b. --Not Shown--)
Mains, Walter
Mainz, Anton
Mainz, Anton
Mainz, John
Mainz, Katherine (b. 29 DEC 1872 - d. 19 MAY 1967)
Mainz, Mary
Mainz, Rose
Majewski, Dan
Malcore, Brian (b. --Not Shown--)
Malcore, Jason Victor (b. --Not Shown--)
Malcore, Michael (b. --Not Shown--)
Malfrid, Marie
Malin, Lulu
Malmgren, Edward
Malmgren, Michael Edward (b. --Not Shown--)
Malmgren, Michael Edward (b. --Not Shown--)
Malmgren, Timothy John (b. --Not Shown--)
Malone, Joseph
Malone, Katherine Frances (b. 7 SEP 1918 - d. 26 JUN 2012)
Maloni, Carol A. (b. --Not Shown--)
Malville\Malvitz, Loraine
Maly, Charles (b. FEB 1872)
Maly, Joseph (b. ABT. 1882)
Mandel, Earl L. (b. --Not Shown--)
Mandel, Julius
Manninen, Dave
Manning, Daniel J. (b. --Not Shown--)
Manning, Danielle Rose (b. --Not Shown--)
Manning, Elizabeth Clair (b. --Not Shown--)
Manning, Jared Timothy (b. --Not Shown--)
Manning, Kathryn Lucille (b. 14 JAN 1900 - d. 17 OCT 1990)
Mansfield, William Thomas (b. --Not Shown--)
Mansfield, William Thomas (b. --Not Shown--)
Mantyk, Debra
Maples, Anita M.
Marcelle, Roman
Marchessault, Gary Henry (b. --Not Shown--)
Marchessault, George
Marcotte, Bob
Marek, Apolonia ( d. BEF. 1830)
Marek, Frank
Marek, Joannes
Marek, Josef
Marek, Katherine (Morek) (b. APR 1856 - d. 1913)
Marek, Wenzel
Maren, Melissa Sue (b. --Not Shown--)
Mares, Carnella (Carmie) Leona (b. --Not Shown--)
Mares, Vaclav
Mares, Zofia (b. 1878)
Margaretha, (b. 1814)
Margaretha, (b. ABT. 1798)
Margetta, Ellen Joy (b. 11 SEP 1930 - d. 29 AUG 1999)
Margetta, Frances Rose (b. 13 MAR 1923 - d. 16 OCT 1999)
Margetta, Mathew (b. 1900)
Margetta, Rose Marie (b. 13 MAY 1919)
Marie, Anna
Marik, Mary
Marik, Mary
Marin, Beatrice (b. --Not Shown--)
Marino, Dan
Marino, Jack
Marish, Wenzel
Marit, Alyssa Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Amy Sue (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Brenda Marie (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Brian Gerard (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Carol Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Clarance Joseph (b. 22 SEP 1909 - d. 22 NOV 1988)
Marit, Clarence (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Dawn Marie (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Debra Ann (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Delores (b. 1942 - d. 2000)
Marit, Donald Joseph (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Donna Marie (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Eleanore Mary (b. 23 JUN 1911 - d. 14 OCT 1998)
Marit, Hannah Rae (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Jacob
Marit, Jacob Matthew (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Jacqueline (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, John (b. 1881 - d. 1972)
Marit, John (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Julie Marie (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Mary Jo (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Michael James (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Michael John (b. --Not Shown--)
Marit, Shane Michael (b. --Not Shown--)
Marketa, ( d. BEF. 1703)
Markowski, Brett
Marquez, Sarah
Marrit, John (b. 1846 - d. 1912)
Marshall, Unknown
Marsicek, Anna (b. 1856 - d. 26 JAN 1930)
Marsicek, Antonia (b. 1864 - d. 1943)
Marsicek, Charles (b. 1860)
Marsicek, Edward L. (b. 13 MAR 1897 - d. 26 AUG 1974)
Marsicek, Frank (b. 1820 - d. 1907)
Marsicek, Franziska (Fanny) (b. 1862 - d. 1951)
Marsicek, Gladys (b. 29 APR 1922 - d. AFT. 1977)
Marsicek, Helen (b. ABT. 1893)
Marsicek, Henry (b. ABT. 1904)
Marsicek, Jerry (b. ABT. 1891)
Marsicek, John (b. 1854 - d. 1941)
Marsicek, Joseph (b. ABT. 1888)
Marsicek, Joyce (Josie) C. (b. ABT. 1929)
Marsicek, Julia (b. ABT. 1895)
Marsicek, Katherina Marsichizek (b. 31 OCT 1842 - d. 25 MAR 1922)
Marsicek, Louis (b. ABT. 1891)
Marsicek, Mary (b. 1848 - d. 19 FEB 1900)
Marsicek, Mary (b. ABT. 1894)
Marsicek, Netty (b. ABT. 1890)
Marsicek, Olga (b. ABT. 1887)
Marsicek, Rose (Ruzena) (b. 1860 - d. 1937)
Marsicek, Ruth (b. ABT. 1897)
Marsicek, Wenzel J. (b. 5 JUN 1920 - d. 8 MAY 1973)
Martin, James (b. --Not Shown--)
Martin, James R. (b. --Not Shown--)
Martin, John R. (b. --Not Shown--)
Martin, Scott
Martinck, Patrik (b. --Not Shown--)
Marx, Suzanne Margaret
Marzanc, Unknown
Masek, Marie
Masek, Vaclav
Maslover, Anna
Mason, Angela (b. --Not Shown--)
Mason, Donald (b. --Not Shown--)
Mason, Kenneth
Mason, Plooy
Mason, Sue
Mason, Tamera Kay (b. --Not Shown--)
Mason, Unknown
Massart, Donald (b. --Not Shown--)
Massart, Randy
Massey, Clara
Mastalir, Edward (b. 28 MAY 1903 - d. 24 NOV 1975)
Mastalir, John
Masters, Barbara

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