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Blahniks from the 1400's tree in Libkov
edited history of the Blahniks by Ladislav Blahnik by Lori Dollevoet


ONDRA (I) Blanik Blahnik  b: Abt. 1455 in Libkov, Bohemia (birth yr is estimate only)     d: Aft. 1482
......  2  MARTIN (II) Blahnik    b: Abt. 1480 in Libkov, Bohemia (estimated birth year only)  d: in bought farm in 1505 -free men, farmer in Snopkov      
..........   +Lidmilla Unknown                
...............3  N. (III) Blahnik   b: Abt. 1500 in Libkov, Bohemia (birth yr is estimate only)     d: Abt. 1571       
........................4  HRON (IV) Blahnik       b: Abt. 1525 in Libkov, Bohemia (birth yr is estimate only)     d: Aft. 1610 in owned farm Snopkovy - free man  
.................................5  N. (V) (Natej?) BLAHNIK       b: Abt. 1555 in Pod Lhotou (Chodsko Lhota), Bohemia (birth year is estimate only)   d: Aft. 1599
..........................................       6  MATEJ (VI1) (Blanieckh) Blahnik    b: est 1580 in Pod Lhotou (Chodska Lhota)   d: Aft. 1654 in Pod Lhotou (Chodska Lhota), Bohemia     
From Ladislav Blahnik . . .The Blahnik's Mill, owned originally by (VI1) Matej Blahnik (est 1580 birth), was inherited by his son, (VII) Martin, (est boirth 1600) who was recorded on the tax roll of 1652 as "Blanieckh." The mill was described as having 1 water wheel. Besides the mill, he owned 60 acres of field, out of which 24 acres were seeded for winter and 8 acres were seeded in the Spring. He had 9 teams of horses, 5 cows, 9 young cows, 16 sheep, and 20 pigs.
..................................................7  MARTIN (VII) (Blanieckh) Blahnik b: est 1600 in Chodsko Lhota Mill: Aft. 1652 in Mill under Chodsko Lhota Bohemia 
...........................................................8  JIRI Petrák (VIII1 a+c) BLAHNIK       b: est 1625 in Bohemia (mill) purchased dwelling Sandovskou: Bef. 1704 
...............................................................+Anna Jakouboke        b: November 07, 1638    d: January 06, 1721/22   m: in Klatovy

. . .We thought that the son of Jiri Blahnik from Klatovy was Jakub, the heir of the Blahnik mill. After close investigation, we found out that the heir of the mill was
4 sons of Martin(VII);   Jakub (VIII2s), and brother of Jiri (VIII1 a+c), Jan (VIII4)  & Matej (VIII3m) and   the heirs of (VIII1 a+c) Jiri Blahnik are recorded as the owners. (Petr IX1a and Jakob (IX2c).

[Jan (VIII4) he later bought a mill called ‘Hunovsky]
[Matej (VIII3m) would live in the Cerveny Mlyn in the Klatovy Region]. 
[Jiri (VIII1 a+c) purchased dwelling Sandovskou & brewery but sons seemed to stay at the mill.]
So the mill would later be owned by
 Jakub (VIII2s), (Petr IX1a and Jakob (IX2c). The mill ran under the descendents of

On June 16, 1719, ˝ of the mill is written to Jakub Blahník (IX2c) after his older brother Petr Blahník. (Their father was Jirí Blahník). Jakub IX2c, who inherited a mill after his deceased older brother Petr. Later this mill has a house number 89.  Some Blahniks were still there in the late 1900's. By 2011 no Blahniks remained at the Blahnik Mills in Chodska Lhota.

Regarding Jiri

Jiri (VIII1 a+c) apparently was given his letter of release from Serfdom in about 1646 at about age 20.  He lost his letter and apparently Lord Lamminger tried twice to get him returned to a serf statues.  In 1657 the towns people pleaded with Lamminger and apparently he remained free for a while longer.
in 1671 Lamminger again requested the letters of release from Jiri and his brothers.  Ladislav only said that in 1722, after the death of Jiri's wife
Anna,  Ladislav was released from Serfdom. 

From Ladislav:
On September 5,1657, the Klatovy officials wrote the following to the District Captains about the brothers Jan & #8 Jiri Blahnik (VIII1 a+c) :

"As you requested, we are sending [brother VIII4) Jan Blahnik to present in Plzen, the original of his release letter to the District Captain, Vilem Brenkov Pukhart from Zelenz Udoli, Lord of Ztina. Jan Blahnik is ordered to present the letter on August 28th this year and. the letter will be without harm, returned to him.
You also ordered us to surrender Jiri (VIII1 a+c) , brother of the above named Jan (VIII4) Blahnik, upon the request of' Lord of Lamminger, because the named (VIII1 a+c) Jiri does not have his letter of' release, but only the letter of' standing which cannot be accepted as a proof' of his free status and therefore, he cannot pose as a free man.

We would like to humbly to inform your Grace that it would mean great harm to the said (VIII1 a+c) Jiri Blahnik, if he would have to return to serfdom 13 years after he submitted his letter of release arid. his letter of standing to the Klatovy City Office and. gained the status of' a free citizen and became married. All those 13 years he lived as a good citizen from what we can witness, but we do not have any knowledge of how his letter of release was lost or why it could not be found.

(VIII1 a+c) Jiri Blahnik is a poor man who with his manual work is hardly providing for his wife and his children and therefore we are asking, officially, that you will not deprive him of his freedom. For this purpose we are also returning the addendum to your letter. We remain with God."

In Ladislav Blahnik's letter dated 10/28/1968 he states, "In the middle of the 17th century, about 1657, a long law-suit was led between Lord Lamminger in Kout na Sumava and the town of Klatovy, about Jan (VIII4) and Jiri Blahnik (VIII1 a+c) of the mill 'Blahniky'. The aristocrat Lamminger did not wish to agree with the exception of Jan and Jiri Blahnik as townsmen of Klatovy, but the townsment of Klatovy defended successfully these new citizens."

Jiri goes on to purchase property from his mother in Law.

Ladislav wrote: On page 91 of the Trade Records book #10 in Klatovy which contains the records dated 1653-1684, there is the following record:

"#8 (VIII1 a+c) Jiri Blahnik with his wife, Anna, purchased for himself, his heirs and future descendants, a dwelling named 'Sandovskou' which is free of debt, along with the brewery located on the monastery suburbs, and with everything that is fastened with nails, lead, clay, or mortar. The property was purchased from Anna Jakoubkove (mother-in-law), who was a neighbor in Klatovy for 150 golden pieces according to the following arrangement:

The buyer, #8 Jiri Blahnik, will give to the seller, Anna Jakoubkove, 30 pieces of gold. as a retainer. As an addition, Anna Jakoubkove will give to #8 (VIII1 a+c) Jiri Blahnik, to her daughter, Anna, a dowry of 30 pieces of gold, deductible from the cost of the property, and. therefore, 85 pieces of gold remain to be paid. The installments are payable every year in January in the amount of 15 pieces of gold until the whole total is paid. On top of this, the above described. #8 (VIII1 a+c) Jiri Blahnik was obligated to give to Anna Jakoubkove, room and board until her death. She would, in turn, work for him within her physical possibilities. Also, Katherine Jakoubkove, his sister-in-law, was promised free room and board until she would get married." This was recorded in January 23, 1662.

It is recorded in the city books that Anna Jakoubkove personally acknowledged the receipt of 15 pieces of gold from #8 (VIII1 a+c) Jiri Blahnik as a first installment on the house in April 14, 1663. Also the 2nd installment was received by Anna on May 19, 1664.


Anna Jakoubkove was the Widow of Pavel Jakoubkovi, called 'Hapatovi,' who purchased from Lidmila Slemrova in 1636, 1/2 of the abundant blue-berry field and the surrounding are (#69), next to his (#68, and Lidmila Knezevske's house (#85). (reference; Dr. J. Vancura, History of the Past King's History of Klatovy, part II; Vol. III, page 623).

On page 151, dated March 5, 1668, in the book of' Great Records of the city of Klatovy, (Archives of Czech Country), is the following record:

Kristof Srna with his wife, Lidmila, purchased for themselves & their heirs, & their future descendants, from #8 (VIII1 a+c) Jiri Blahnik and his wife, Anna, his property including the area between the house of the seller and. the house of the buyer. This property is in front of the monastery and. it includes also the large door facing the street. The property in total was purchased for 18 golden pieces. From this place towards the garden of Tobiase Letovsky, there are several hops plants. Krystof Srna lent 8 golden pieces and 18 'krejc' to Jiri Blahnik and therefore Krystof Srna was allowed to keep the hops plants as lien until the loan is paid in full. If the loan is not paid until the hops plants are fully grown, (VIII1 a+c) Jiri Blahnik cannot anymore pay the money and even if he would pay, the creditor would keep that year's hops harvest for himself. Towards this transaction, Krystof Srna paid to #8 Jiri Blahnik the said 6 pieces of gold and the rest it is 20 pieces and 18 krejc were given to Jan Philip Hoch and the purchaser made a separate deal with him. Whenever the bet would be paid, it was requested that it would be recorded so it happened in Klatovy on February 11, 1668, as applied for by both sides the payment of the debt was recorded in Actum Clatt on March 5, 1668."

Lamminger  again tried to have the Blahniks returned to serfs:

Ladislav wrote:  In spite of the effort of' Wolf V. Lamminger of Albenreuth, who was the Lord of the Chods and who was known from the Legal Suite, they tried to get the Blahnik brothers back on his property (he needed serfs), but this effort was fruitless because the City Council backed up the residents.

The following was written by the Councilmen of Klatovy to the Captain of the Plzen District on March 24, 1671 (Library copy #3, page 108, Actor of the Museum of Klatovy):

"It was requested from us to submit the release letters of Blahnik brothers who are neighbors in Klatovy to the District Office and we are doing so, sending the release letters of brothers Jan & Matej, and the letter of sending #8 (VIII1 a+c) Jiri Blahnik, as it was rewritten from the original and properly attested. under the seal of the City.  We are not sending the release letter of #8 (VIII1 a+c) Jiri Blahnik because it was lost. The loss of the release letter of #8 Jiri Blahnik was admitted by Linhart Flaminius, Secretary of the Klatovy City, who obtained the letter of release from Jiri Blahnik, then submitted it to the Lords several prior, but afterwards he forgot to return it, and, therefore the letter was lost.

We can witness with a good. conscience that he had a letter of' release and. did submit it to the city office, because in Klatovy it is the habit not to accept anyone who was a serf amongst the citizens unless he can show the letter of release.

Because your grace gave to #8 (VIII1 a+c) Jiri Blahnik, who was at that time already married in Klatovy, and, that letter was signed by your own hand, you practically admitted that prior to that, you gave to #8 Jiri Blahnik, a letter releasing him from serfdom. Because of this we hope that no harm will be done to the above named #8 Jiri Blahnik. With that we remain with God."

With regard to his release letter an attached copy was made for #8 Jiri Blahnik on September 5th (Library copy A3, Vol. 1LI'8b & 1LI.9a). In the same copy book of Klatovy, on page 120, we can read a new letter of the Klatovy officials to their grace captain of the Plzen District, written on May 23rd, 1674:

"High born Serfs: We received your letter yesterday in which you ordered to us, based upon request from his Grace, Lord Lamminger, that we send the Blahnik brothers, (Jan & Matej, and #8 (VIII1 a+c) Jiri, who is married), to the highly regarded district office today. Obeying the order we advised. brothers Blahnik to come to Obytce (several periods from part of' the letter was missing.) The Blahnik brothers decided to come to your office but because they wouldn't have their letters of release, which are in the office of the City Secretary, who is out of town, we ask you to kindly excuse them. They will obey and come any other day you will request their presence."

[Jiri's lack of a letter apparently allowed Lord Lamminger to place him back as a serf.  Ladislav wrote:]

The wife of (VIII a+c) Jiri Blahnik had the name Anna, born Jakouboka on November 7, 1658. She died on January 6, 1722. Jiri Blahnik was released from the serfdom for Lord Fredrich Lamminger and he married in Klatovy where his brother, the mill proprietor, lived.

....................................................................9  Jakob (IX2c) Petrák BLAHNIK b: est. 1660  Blahnik Mill d: March 1736/37 in Chodska Lhota, Bohemia (Miller)     
........................................................................+Marketa d: Bef. 1703
....................................................................*2nd Wife of Jakob (IX2c) (Jan Jakob) Petrák BLAHNIK:                      
........................................................................+Vorsila Foltýnová b: c 1670 from Loucim      d: May 14, 1745 in Blahnik Mill m: Nov 06, 1701 in Loucim

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