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Georg (Jiri) Blahnik (1813-1894) and Katerina Blaha(1845-1921)
Algoma, WI Blahniks from Starec, (Bohemia) Czech Republic

- GEORG BLAHNIK, Algoma, WI family founder


Special Thanks to all who have contributed the Genealogical Information for the Algoma/Starec Blahnik family:


Starec 17 - Ancestral home of Georgius Blahnik born 1771 -Photo by Joel Blahnik and Michael Cwach taken 2010.
see oldest cadastral map of the village
Starz 17 map from the year 1838

Blahnik family location map

BLAHNIK POCKET MAP SW Bohemia (Czech Republic)


This map shows 4 known immigrant families of Blahniks from SE of Domazlice, Czech Republic - families to still be connected.

Georg (Jiri) Blahnik
b. 11/8/1913 Starec 17
d. 1/17/1894  Ahnapee, Algoma, WI
Georgius Blahnik
b. 11/1/1771 Starec 17 -
d. 11/26/1829 Starec 17
b. 3/12/1743 Hluboka 34-
died bef 1806
Wenceslaus BLAHNIK
b. abt 1717 Blahniks mill - bef 1797
Margaretha (Carbanin) KARBAN
b. 4/11/1798  Hluboka 34- 2/9/1797 Hluboka
Adalbert KARBAN b 1695-11/5/1754 Hluboka
Margaretha Unknown
Maria (KAYSER) Kaiser
b. 10/1/1751 Starec 19 Domazlice-
8/7/1807 Starec 17
Joannis (Kayser) KAISER
Starec 19  in1700's
Unknown Kayser/KAISER
Anna (Annou Fogltantzowa/zovou) FUGLTONZ
b. 2/21/1728 Mrakov, Domazlice - d 3/19/1801
Geory (Fogltantz) FUGLTONZ
Ursula (Saukop) SAUKUP
Margaretha (Marketa) BLAZEK
b. 7/14/1785 Starec 12 -
d. 3/16/1824 Starec 17
b. estimate 1755.  Lived in Starec 12
Unknown BLAZEK Unknown Blazek
Unknown Unknown
b. abt 1765 from Novy Klicov
Unknown PELNARSCH Unknown
Unknown Unknown

  The Blahnik and the Blazek family lived close to each other.  The map below shows the Blahnik #17 home and the Blazek #12 home:

GENERATIONS IN BOHEMIA (CZECH) - not yet connected to the Smrzovice Blahnik line.  Francis Blahnik commissioned the original research back to Wenceslaus. 

  1. Wenceslaus BLAHNIK born about 1717 and died before 1797.   Wencel married Margaretha KARBAN (1721-1797) on November 27, 1741 in the Parish Kdyne in Western Bohemia.  He came from Blahnik Mill (SE of Hluboka) and she from Hluboka.  They lived at house Hluboka 34.  Their youngest son, Christian, continued to live there after their death.  Wenzel's oldest son, Jacob, moved to start a family in Starec:

  2. Jacobus BLAHNIK born March 12, 1742/43 at 31 Hluboka, Bohemia (BIRTH RECORD) married Maria KAYSER April 25, 1769 in Church of Nicolaus, Kdyne, Western Bohemia

  3. Georgius BLAHNIK born November 01, 1771 Starec #17, (BIRTH RECORD) Bohemia, Austria-Hungary married Margaretha BLAZEK  (born July 14, 1785 Village Starec 12, Bohemia) November 27, 1804 at Parish Kdyne, Bohemia. He died November 26, 1829 Starec 17, Bohemia from tuberculosis.  She died March 16, 1824 in Starec #17, Bohemia.  She died from tuberculosis and was buried in Deanery Churchyard.

  4. Georg  BLAHNIK born November 08, 1813  Starec 17, Pdf Birth record  Bohemia married Katerina BLAHA (born April 19, 1814 from Hradiste #17, Bohemia) on February 10, 1834 at the Parish Lsteni, Bohemia.  According to the Official records No 26,683 To Imperial and Royal District Authority!  Permission was, "granted to property owner Georg Blahnik of Starz, District of Neugedein, with his wife Katharina, and their six children Mathias, Jakob, Georg, Josef, Johann and Anna Blahnik for emigration to America,  thus releasing them of the Austrian State Community" dated May 27, 1856.  The family arrived in New York on the Bark Aeoleus our to Breman on September 22, 1856.  Their daughter Anna died on the ship in the passage to America.  No birth records were found for Georg's son, Georg.  But he is listed both here and on ship arrival records.  His birthdate in America was recorded as 1844, but it appears that he was born in 1841 per immigration records. Both George and Katherina died in Algoma, Wisconsin, USA. He January 17, 1894 and Katerina on March 07, 1892.

Excerpt from letter Ladislav Blahnik (researcher of the tree dating back to 1492) that was written to Arthur Blahnik (1911-1982) of the Smrzovice family in 1978:

(Gerorgius Blahnik was born in Starec - we have the birth record.)

(Could he be referring to Wenceslaus Blahnik at Blahnik's mill #87?  Need to research further.)


Emigration Records from Bohemia (Czech) - Research commissioned by Francis L. Blahnik:
    -Submission of request to emigrate to America
    -14 Mai 1856 records
    -21 May 1856 records
    -27 May 1856 records, permission and passports

Georg, Katerina and their five sons arrived on the ship the Bark Aeolus out of Bremen docking in New York on September 22, 1856.  Francis Blahnik found the reference to this:
Passenger list Bark Aeolus out of Breman. Docked in the port of NY 9/22/1856. Below is from the passenger lists Port of NY Sept 19 - Oct 18, 1856 roll 167 copy #M237
#184 Georg Blahling age 44 from Bohemia to Wiscony
#185 Catharine Blahling, age 40, ditto, wife of above
#186 Mathias Blahling, age 21, ditto
#187 Jacob Blahling, age 19, ditto
#188 George Blahling, age 15, ditto
#189 Joseph Blahling, age 10, ditto
#190 Johann Blahling, age 5, ditto
Photo and description of the ship
Bob Blahnik also found a reference to the arrival in the Leo Baca books.
Note misspellings of the last name and of the State of Wisconsin (Wiscony) George and Katerina had one more son, Anton, born in America in July 20, 1859, a few years after their arrival.

*There is an account of the voyage for the trip taken by this family located off this site at
    Our family traveled in steerage - not the upper two classes and so their trip had to have been that much worse for our family.  The Blahnik family lost their 3 year old daughter Anna on this voyage. 
It is worth reading.



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Wenzel F. Blahnik wrote a brief history as part of his genealogy saying:

"Among the first settlers in the area today known as the Town of Ahnapee were George and Katherine Blahnik.  They and five sons arrived in the United States in 1856 and came directly to northeastern Wisconsin, purchasing 80 acres of timberland in Ahnapee town.

George Blahnik was reared on a farm in Bohemia and married Katherine Blaha, also a Bohemian by birth.  The marriage was performed in Bohemia.

The five sons who arrived in Ahnapee town with George and Katherine were Mathias, Jacob, George, Jr., Joseph and John.  When the Blahnik family left Bohemia in 1855, there was also a daughter.  She however, died during the Atlantic crossing.  Later a sixth son, Anton, was born in this country.

Upon their arrival and their purchase of 80 acres of Ahnapee timberland, the Blahniks began to clear it for farming.  George, Sr., eventually purchased an additional 240 acres, all of which he improved.

The Blahniks experienced many hardships incident to the life of a pioneer.  The buildings which they erected are no longer in existence, but the land became the property of Donald Blahnik, a great-grandson of George and Katherine.  Donald's father was Jacob A. Blahnik.

Katherine died in 1891 and George's death took place in 1893.  They were buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Algoma, Wisconsin."

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 Georg Blahnik the Algoma Blahnik Founder
1813 - 1894

wpe2.jpg (30673 bytes)

GEORG4 BLAHNIK  (GEORGIUS3, JACOBUS2, WENCESLAUS1) was born November 08, 1813 in Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (Source: SDA in Plzen, Czech., Book No 8, Parish Kdyne, page 144.), and died January 17, 1894 in Algoma, WI.  He married KATERINA BLAHA February 10, 1834 in Parish Lsteni, Bohemia (Source: SDA in Plzen, Czech., Book 8 of the parish Lsteni, page 2.), daughter of JOHANN BLAHA and ANNA REISCHL.  She was born April 19, 1814 in Hradiste #17, Bohemia, Austria- Hungery (Source: SDA in Plzen, Czech., Book 1 Parish of Lsteni, page 27.), and died March 07, 1892 in Algoma, WI.  Arrived in New York on the Bark Aeoleus out of  Breman on September 22, 1856. Photo and description of the ship.  They came directly to Wisconsin, purchased 80 acres of timberland in Ahnahpee and began clearing.  Later they purchased an addition 240 acres.  The farm stayed in the family of Wenzel Blahnik and was passed down to his son Donald John Blahnik in the early 2000's (George, John, Anton L., Wenzel F. Blahnik 1913-2001).

Blahnik PDF view of actual passenger list  from  on the Peolas departing Bremen, Germany and arriving in New York on Sep 22, 1856. Line 43.  Microfilm serial M237, Roll: M237_167, List number 962. Listed as Blahing or Blahling by the person making out the passenger list.  Ancesty lists it as Blahing while Baca books lists the name as Blahling on Leo Baca Czech Passengers arriving in New York 1847-1869 Vol IV page 19.  Visually George starts on line 184 near the bottom of the page.

Notes for GEORG BLAHNIK: Per Francis L. Blahnik's research: Married by P. Josef Kozich, the vicar, parish Lsteni.  Witnesses Simon Kolac, the witness from Kanice and Johann Muzik, the witness from Kanice Later note: Copy of the birth-certificate was given on 20.4.1856 (was for emmigration purposes) Permission to emmigrate granted May 14, 1856

George Blahnik Nov. 8, 1813-Jan. 17, 1894/Katerina  April 19, 1814-Mar. 07, 1892
(Photo courtesy of Wenzel F. Blahnik)

Pdf Birth record for Georg Blahnik from Statni Oblastni Archiv v Plzni, Kdyne book 8 page 144.

Plat_map.jpg (133701 bytes)

lat map for 1876.  Ahnapee Village is now Algoma, WI
As of 2004 the highlighted land of George Blahnik below that is closest to Algoma (Ahnapee) currently borders the
Ahnapee State Trail (map) along Co. Trunk S near Willow Road.



citizenship.tif (44172 bytes)United States citizenship papers for George November 08, 1813-January 17, 1894




Kate Blaha Blahnik's obituary from Algoma Record Herald March 10, 1892- ("La Grippe" was an influenza)
George Blahnik's Obituary from the Ahanapee Record Jan 18, 1894

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-MATHIAS (MATOUS)5 BLAHNIK, SR., b. January 20, 1835, Village Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary; d. September 19, 1911, Algoma, WI.
JACOB A. BLAHNIK, b. February 01, 1837, Village Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary; d. November 11, 1908, Algoma, WI.
MARIE BLAHNIK, b. January 31, 1840, Village Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (Source: SDA in Plzen Novy Kdyne.); d. October 1840.
GEORGE BLAHNIK, b. December 29, 1841, (Village Starec #17?), Bohemia, Austria-Hungary; d. March 31, 1912, Algoma, WI.
JOSEF BLAHNIK, b. August 19, 1844, Village Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (Source: SDA in Plzen Novy Kdyne.); d. September 11, 1844.
JOSEPH BLAHNIK, b. August 12, 1845, Village Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary; d. October 03, 1932, Algoma, WI
MARIA BLAHNIK, b. May 06, 1848, Village Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (Source: SDA in Plzen.); d. April 30, 1850.
JOHN (JOHANN NEPOMUK) BLAHNIK, SR., b. March 13, 1851, Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary; d. November 25, 1938, Algoma, WI._ANNA BLAHNIK, b. February 12, 1853, Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (Source: SDA in Plzen.); d. 1856, Died on trip to America.
ANTON BLAHNIK, b. July 20, 1859, Algoma, WI; d. October 30, 1907, Algoma, WI.


Home George

ONDRA (I) Blanik Blahnik
abt 1455 Libkov – after 1482 –Chod serf

MARTIN (II) Blahnik
c1480 Libkov – after 1505 when he bought Snopkov farm in Libkov – Free Man

N. (III) Blahnik
c1500 Libkov-c1571 Snopkov farm in Libkov – Free Man

HRON (IV) Blahnik
c1525 Libkov –aft 1610 Snopkov farm in Libkov (sold farm in 1609) – Free Man

N. (V) (Natej?) BLAHNIK
c1555 – aft 1599 - Snopkov farm in Libkov –Free Man

MATEJ (VI1) (Blanieckh) Blahnik
c1580 Snopkov farm in Libkov -aft 1654 (proprietor Blahnik Mill, Lhota) Free Man


MARTIN (VII) (Blanieckh) Blahnik
c1600 U Blahniku-after 1652 U Blahniku (owner of Blahnik Mill – U Blahniku) Free Man


JAKOB (James VIII2 Smr) BLAHNIK & Anna
1632 U Blahniku -2/21/1701 U Blahniku
Free Man owned ½ of Blahnik Mill

JIRI Petrák (VIII1 a+c) BLAHNIK & Anna Jakouboke
c1625 U Blahniku -bef 1704
owned ½ of Blahnik Mill Free man - Challenged by Lamminger



SIMON (IX1s) Blahnik & Barboru Krale
c1660 U Blahniku -6/14/1919 U Blahniku

1658 U Blahniku-c1719 owned  ¼ Blahnik mill

Jan Jakub Petrák (IX2c) BLAHNIK
c1660 U Blahniku-1737 U Blahniku #89
first inherited ¼ mill from father then other ¼ after brother Petr died



PETR (X4smr) Blahnik (owned ¼  farm #90)
c1695 U Blahniku –aft 1745 U Blahniku #90

Matej (X1a) BLAHNIK
 1687 U Blahniku
 (Dorota [Dvorak] Mraz)

Jakub (X6c) Petrak Blahnik
 1705 U Blahniku-Loucim



Václav (Jakub- XI1s) BLAHNIK
c1695 U Blahniku #90 –aft 1761
wife Marketa from Smrzovice

Wenceslaus (XI1a) Blahnik
 1718 U Blahniku-1789 Hluboka 34 (Marketa Karban)

Simon (XI1c) Blahnik
 1748 U Blahniku 89
 Wife Alzbeta Sagdlkontz, Kout



MARTIN (XII3s) Blahnik
1760 U Blahniku –aft 1825 Smrzovice #16
(Katherine Votruba)

ANNA Dorota (XII1w) Blahnik
1756 U Blahniku-1789 Pocinovice#121
(Andreas Kronforst)

Jakob (XII1a) Blahnik
 1743 Hluboka -bef 1806
 Starec #17
 (Maria Kaiser of Starec 19)

Jakub (XIIc) Blahnik
 b. 1776 U Blahniku #89
 (Apolonia Marek)


Fridrich Blahnik
c1738 -1801 Kout #56
wife Magdalena Hwiezda

JAKUB (James XIII1) Blahnik
c1785 Smrzovice 16
(Marketa Votruba)

MARIA Anna (XIII1w) Kronforst
1779 Pocinovice #121-1861 Libkov #6
(Martin Altmann)

Georgius (Jiri XIII1a) BLAHNIK
1771-1829 Starec #17
 (Marketa Blazek of Starec 12)

Adam (XIII1c) Blahnik
b. 1810 U Blahniku #89
 (Anna Weber)


Jacob Blahnik
1779 Kout 33-bef 1843  (Novy Dvur #5)

Wife Anna Kubsch from Sedlice

JOSEF (XIV1) Blahnik
1829-1912 Smrzovice 16
(Magdalena Votruba)

Barbora (XIV1w) Altmann
1803 Libkov #6-1857 Smrzovice #17
(Mathias Votruba of Smrzovice #17)

Georg (Jiri) BLAHNIK
 1819 Starec #17 – 1894 Ahanapee, Kewaunee Co, WI
 (Katerina Blaha)

Thomas (XIV1) Blahnik
 1843 U Blahniku #89 -Canada
 (Barbara Bretl – Germany)


Joseph Blahnik
1809 Kout #5- bef 1870 Stanetice #25
(Anna Hofman -Stantetice #25)
*bro John 1814 to Manitowoc, WI

Josef (XV1) Blahnik
1854 Smrzovice 16-1932 Carlton, WI
(Katherine Lipsch)
Several siblings also immigrated mostly to Michigan

Mary (XV1w) Votruba
1822 Smrzovice #17- 1908 Kewaunee Co, WI
(Josef Walecka) Came to America with 8 children

Had 6 sons.  5 from Starec
 Mathias 1835-1911
 Jacob 1837-1908
 George c1843-1912
 Joseph c1847-1920
 John c1850-1938
 Anton A. 1862-1907

Children born U Blahniku
 -Barbora 1875-1955 Can. (Vaclav Halama)
 -Frank 1878-1949 Can (Anna Weselak)
 others: Tereza, Jakub, Anna stayed Czech


Wenzel Blahnik
1848 Stanetice #25-
1924 Carlton, Kewaunee, WI
(Anna Fitzava/Tic)

Frank Blahnik 1890 WI-1966 WI
(Katherine Shimanik)

John (XVI1w) Walecka, Sr.
1842 Usilov #1-1929 Montpelier, WI
(Agnes Doleysch of Nemcice #25)



Josef Blahnik

Joseph A. Blahnik
1893 Carlton-1963 Two Rivers, WI
*Had 3 brothers
(Othilda Sekadlo of Michigan)

Arthur Blahnik
1911 WI-1982 WI
(Viola Seeman)

Anne Walecka
1876 Montpelier WI-1944 Carlton, WI
(Anton Froelich 1873 Carlton-1935)



Josef Blahnik
1922-2004 Loucim
(Marie Jehlik)

Frank Blahnik
1917 Carlton-1989 Two Rivers, WI
(Patricia Migawa

Joel Blahnik
(Mary Ann Jarman)

Charles Wachal, Sr.
1903 Carlton -1984 Green Bay (Kathryn Cherney 1914-2007)

Web Author
Jim Blahnik, Algoma,
Bob Blahnik, IL …

Agnes Hallama, Canada
Bob Blahnik, Canada

Josef Blahnik
(Marie Potvlak)

Jon Paul Blahnik
(Cheryl Walbaum)
Green Bay, WI


Jerome Wachal

…and many more


Jan Blahnik
Klatovy, Cz



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