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Research by Ladislav Blahnik and Arthur & Joel Blahnik


Coat of Arms
Immigrant children of Josef and Magdalena Votruba Blahnik
Josef and Magdalena Blahnik children in Bohemia
Origins of Smrzovice Blahniks
external web page site of Lee Blahnik with complete documents written by Ladislav
Descendents from the 7th generation of Martin Blahnik forward to America
Known family lines from Ondra Blahnik of Libkov


COAT OF ARMS (not ancient)
developed by Joel Blahnik

Generations In Bohemia:
 The Blahnik family had been millers since the late 1500's at U Blahniku just east of Chodsko Lhota along the Andelice River. Please read the article about the History of Millcraft in Bohemia which mentions our family mills.
Historical Costumes of our Chod ancestors

1.) Ondra Blahnik - farmer in Libkov. Died after1482, Bohemia
2.) Martin Blahnik and his wife, Lidmilla, in Libkov, free men, farmer in Snopkov.
3.) N. Blahnik - c1525-aft 1579.  Free man in Libkov on farm Snopkov,
4.) Hron Blahnik - free man in Libkov on farm Snopkov
5.) N. (Natej?) Blahnik - in mill near Lhota c1570-aft1599
6.) Matej Blahnik - in the mill near Chodesko, Lhota c1595-1654 proprietor Blahnik Mill U Blahniku (There were 4 lower mills in villages of Lhota & Pocinovice)
7.) Martin Blahnik -Born c 1610 Chodesko, Lhota. Died Blahniks mill near Lhota 1652
8.) Jakub James Blahnik, Sr. - owned 1/2  of the ‘By Blahniks’ mill 1696. Died in 1701
9.) Simon Blahnik - owned ¼ of the mill ‘By Blahniks’ & his wife, Barbara.
10.) Peter Blahnik - owned part of farm ‘By Blahniks’ listed 1719-45
11.) Wenceslaus (Jakub) Blahnik - owned ¼ of farm ‘By Blahniks’ with wife Margaret 1745.
12.) Martin Blahnik - born Sept. 20, 1760, son of Wenceslaus Blahnik & married Katherine Votruba, daughter
     of  James Votruba—farm and village leader in Smrzovice. He farmed ½ of the farm and is the founder
     of the Blahnik household in Smrzovice #16 (Blahniks still living there today).
13.) James Blahnik - born March 21, 1785 — wife Margaret, daughter of James Votruba
13.) James' youngest sister Katerina Blahnik
September 25, 1806 married Simon Pelnar and came to the USA (Nancy Janda)
14.) Joseph Blahnik - born August 14, 1829. Died in 1912. His wife was Magdalena Votruba (1832—1914).

Blahnik family location map



This map shows 4 known immigrant families of Blahniks from SE of Domazlice, Czech Republic - families to still be connected.


Photo of Joseph and Magdalena (Votruba) Blahnik:

Magdalena Votruba 1832-1914 and Josef Blahnik 1829-1912 Smrzovice, Bohemia

Generation 15 American Immigrant children of Joseph and
Magdalena Votruba

-Josef Blahnik born January 25, 1854, Smrzovice, Bohemia; d. October 03, 1932 at the family home in Carlton, Kewaunee Co, WI
Arrived in New York from Austria October 1869 on the Ship Hansa.  Married Katherine Lipsh October 14, 1874.

-Jan (John) Blahnik born November 02, 1856 in Smrzovice, Bohemia; d. 1918 in WI, UA  Married
Josephine Vick May 19, 1884 in Menominee, MI

-Vaclav (James) Blahnik born October 11/1858, Smrzovice, Bohemia: died December 04, 1908 in Oskkosh, WI. 
Married Maria Drozeda April 14, 1883 Menominee, MI

-Frantisek (Frank) Blahnik born January 29, 1870 Smrzovice, Bohemia; died 1932 in USA.

-Katerina Blahnik born November 25, 1872 in Bohemia, died USA.  Married Kveton from Lhota

-Anna Blahnik born April 26, 1867; died USA  m. Josef Koutnik

-Barbora Blahnik born April 14, 1865 in Chodska Lhota, Bohemia married Vaclav Halama.
1-Their son,  James Halama born 1894 came to Chicago, IL and married Marie Vichr.  He died in 1983 in the USA. 
2-Barbora and Vaclav Halama's daughter:  Anezka (Agnes) Halama born c 1893 came to Chicago, USA and married James (Vaclav) (Klusner) Kleisner in 1913

Generation 15 Children of Joseph Blahnik and Magdalena Votruba staying in Bohemia:

-Barbora Blahnik born April 14, 1865 in Chodska Lhota, Bohemia married Vaclav Halama. Other children besides immigrants James and Anezka above:
Jaroslav Halama, Edward Halama, Josephina Halama, Anna Halama, Josef Halama

-James (Jakub) Blahnik born January 05, 1863; died September 21, 1931.  Married Anna Sedlak.  Stayed in Bohemia
Parents of Ladislav Blahnik who did much of the research for this branch of the family.


*Photo courtesy of Mike Cwach - Blahnik family

Origins of Smrzovice Blahniks:
Blahniks are a Slavic people who originated in what is now the Country of Czechoslovakia.  The Blahniks come from the Chodove or Chods.  The Chods were a farming class of people who settled in the boundaries between Bohemia and Bavaria in about 1100 AD.  They were farmers but also responsible for guarding the boundaries between Germany and Bohemia. There were three geographic groups of Chods.  The man using the name Blahnik was Ondra and came from the Western part of Bohemia in a Village called Lipkov.  The name Blahnik is listed as one of the oldest families in the tribe of Chods of Domazlice (Taus).  These farmers were charged with guarding the exit over Klenci to Taus Vseruby Pass, Eisenstein Route to Klatovy.  Due to the importance of this service, they were allowed extra privileges by the King. The Chods of Taus used the hounds for guarding the borders and on their flags they had the emblem of the dog’s head as a sign of faithfulness and watchfulness. 

The Blahnik ancestors also worked their way to the “free class” which allowed them even more liberties than the Chods.  Ondra’s son Martin purchased the free farm from nobility called “Snopkovsky dvur”.  Martin paid 300 scores or 18,000 groats for this free farm in Lipkov.  This entitled him and all of his heirs to be free men. The Lipkov farm was held by the family for 104 years and was sold in 1609 to an aristocracy family for 250 scores or groats (groats were silver money, one score was 60 pieces).  So the selling price was actually 15,000 groats.  Martin’s Grandson Hron (4th generatin Blahnik) farmed this land.  Ladislav Blahnik indicated in his October 28, 1966 letter that Hron’s daughter Anna was the last farmer of Snopkovsky.

This “free class” was a class that was the link between the serfs and the nobility.  They had access to education and were directly subject to the King.  Their free farms were listed in the Royal Register in Prague ( Praha).  These special privileges were given to the Chods in the far Western area until the 17th Century.  During the 17th Century these Chods lead a rebellion against Lamminger, who was the new owner of their territory.  It was a lost fight for freedom and is written about in the 19th Century novel called Psohlavci  by Alios Jirasek.   The Blahnik family was in Lamminger’s territory during the 17th Century at Klatovy.  Lamminger tried to revoke the free statues of Blahnik brothers Jan, Matej and Jiri to bring them back on his land as serfs. 

In the early 1600’s Ladislav indicates there were already evidence that the Blahnik family became millers.  There was a village in Lhota, one kilometer south of Smrzovice and also in the mills along Andelka Creek (Ladislav Blahnik 1966). Ladislav lists Hron’s son N. Blahnik (generation #5) as being with a mill in Lhota in 1599.   It is certainly clear that by the 6th (Matej)  and 7th (Martin) generation the families were proprietors of the Blahnik mill owning a waterwheel and 60 acres.  The mill was called “Na Blahnikach” or By Blahniks. It is on the creek, Andelka, between the villages of Lhota and Pocinovice.  This mill had continued in use until WWII or about 1940 and is no longer in operation.

Martin had 4 sons and it appears that the Mill was operated by several family members.  At least two Blahnik families, Martin’s son generation #8 Jakub and #8 Jiri’s heirs (generation #9 Jakub and Petr) operated this mill in the 1600’s.  Generation #8 Jakub’s branch leads to some American immigration.  This is the branch known as the Blahniks of Smrzovice in Ladislav Blahnik’s writings.  As of 2002 the Algoma Blahniks do not have a clear connection to this tree.

Most notes contained in the Family tree link  to the left above, are by Ladislav Blahnik born 1906 in Czech. and have been inserted where appropriate to help the reader understand the person being discussed.  He created a full publication called History of the Family of Blahnik of Smrzovice (1482-1944) Blahniks of Smrzovice by Ladislav Blahnik, 1944.  **For full documents written by Ladislav, please view the external web page site of Lee Blahnik.  These publications include the 1945 History, letters between Ladislav and Joel and an article Ladislav wrote on Bohemian Millcraft.

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Lineage and information beginning with the 7th generation:

The 7th generation is Martin Blahnik. 
Martin had 4 sons: One son, Jakub (James) is the founder of the Smrzovice branch which Ladislav and Joel Blahnik descend.

 In 1696 8th generation Jakub (Smrzovice founder) owned ¼ of the “By Blahniks” mill.  By the 15th generation, a number of Blahniks immigrated.  Josef Blahnik 1829-1912 had a number of family members come to the US.  A son named Josef 1829-1912 as well as siblings Jan, Frantisek, Vaclav, Anna, and some of Borbara’s children.  Josef’s son, Jakub 1861- 1931 remained in Czech.  Ladislav is the son of this Jakub (James) and did the extensive genealogical research. 

Joel, Arthur and Leon Blahnik descend from (above) Josef 1829-1912’s son also named Josef.  Some of his children, including Joel’s grandfather Frank, came to live in Kewaunee County (a predominantly Bohemian settlement).  There are branches in Manitowoc and Door County as well. 

Borbara’s children also came to America.  I’ve also been in touch with a woman named Dorothy Janca from the Blahnik family.  She comes from Josef Blahnik 1829-1912’s daughter Barbora Blahnik.  She married Vaclav Halama from Chodska Lhota.  Their son, James Halama came to the United States.  This is Dorothy’s Grandfather.  Dorothy was good enough to send me some of the letters and publications of Ladislav Blahnik.  She was already aware of her connection to Joel as they both come from the 14th generation, Josef Blahnik 1829-1912 of Smrzovice Bohemia.

Other immigrants from these families 14th and 15th generations as well as Ladislav Blahnik are noted in the text below.

Descendants of Jakub (James) Blahnik

Generation No. 8

1.   JAKUB (JAMES)8 BLAHNIK (MARTIN7, MATEJ6, N.5, HRON4, N.3, MARTIN2, ONDRA1) was born 1632 in Bohemia, and died February 21, 1700/01 in Bohemia.  He married ANNA MARIE.  She was born 1631, and died March 12, 1699/00.

Notes for JAKUB (JAMES) BLAHNIK: History of the Family of Blahnik of Smrzovice (1482-1944)Blahniks of Smrzovice by Ladislav Blahnik

. . .#7 Martin Blahnik had several sons. As far as we know he had #8 Jiri (George), Matej (Matthew), Jan (John), and Jakub (James).

In the property book of the Kout Dominion, page 258, is the following record: "#8 Jakub Blahnik from Lhota inherited his mill from his father (is not named) and as such he sold the mill for 1100 pieces of' gold to Hanuse Deimb, who paid him 250 pieces of gold in cash arid, exchanged that mill with Petr, Simon, Jakub Jr., & Jakub (Senior) Petrak. Hanuse Jakub Deimb had to pay also 1 horse. Blahnik testified that he received from the named brothers a total of 800 pieces of gold in notes and from the Lukas hayers, 200 pieces of gold. All together, therefore, 1000 pieces of gold and they still owed him 100 pieces of gold. Out of' the 4 Petrak brothers, Petr Petrak, owned ~ of the mill while the other half was still owned by the old Blahnik to whom they owed 800 pieces of gold, payable in 2 installments. The 4th Petrak brother was supposed to get a total of' 160 pieces of gold of the inheritance and. out of it 130 pieces of gold. remained to be paid. The Blahnik's 1/2 of the mill, after the payment of 800 pieces of gold was made, belonged to the brothers Simon & Jakub Jr., since they agreed to pay the inheritance to the 4th brother, in 10 pieces of gold, installments every year until the paper is paid. in full. The agreement was recorded In the presence of Pavel Kveton, "Mayor," and Hanuse Jakub Deimb, mill proprietor from Lhota. It was recorded. on April 27, 1696. In the same year and on the same day, Petr Petrak paid in full 100 pieces of gold to Jakub Blahnik and this payment was also recorded."

According to the Loucim records of birth it is clear that in Blahnik's Mill lived at that time, 2 Blahnik families and the Petrak family. According to the birth records, they were children of' #8 Jakub Blahnik and his wife, Katerina; Petr Blahnik and his wife, Marketa; and sons of #8 Jiri Blahnik, and children of' Simon and Petr Petrak.

After the father's death, the mill was operated and 1/4 of the farm was used by Petr with his wife, Marketa. They had on September 16, 1687, a son, Matous; and a daughter Anna, born on November 22, 1689; and a son, Petr, born on June 28, 1691. On June 14, 1719, #9 Jakub Blahnik took over from his brother, Petr, the hereditary 1/4 of the farm in Lhota with the mill, with one submission, as It was deeded to him by his deceased father, #8 Jiri. With the mill there was also 4 acres of fields, located. amongst the Pocinovice fields behind the bridge, and. also 2 bushels of seed.

. . .Old #8 Jakub Blahnik still lived at that time (1693). He is mentioned in the above described records from 1696. He died on February 21, 1701 at the age of 67 years. He followed his wife, Anna, who died on March 12, 1700 at the age of 61

Child of JAKUB BLAHNIK and ANNA is

2.            i.    
SIMON9 BLAHNIK, b. Bohemia; d. Bohemia.


Generation No. 9

2.  SIMON9 BLAHNIK (JAKUB (JAMES)8, MARTIN7, MATEJ6, N.5, HRON4, N.3, MARTIN2, ONDRA1) was born in Bohemia, and died in Bohemia.  He married (1) BARBORU KRALE.  He married (2) DOROTA.

Notes for SIMON BLAHNIK:History of the Family of Blahnik of Smrzovice (1482-1944)
Blahniks of Smrzovice by Ladislav Blahnik

. . .On April 24, 1751, with the approval of the gracious noble, Josef Doroty, widow Hubatiusove of Kotnova, born Zumsandtove of Sandberg, Lord of Beharov, Lipkov, Loucim, and Smrzovice, the trade agreement between Ondra Englernann, as a seller of a tavern and a farm, to Jakub Blahnik and his wife, Anna Marie, was arranged. The sale price was 450 pieces of gold (Book of' Property #64, page 18 in the Country Archive).

#9 Simon Blahnik, son of #8 Jakub, who was taking over the mill, through the mayor, Jan Koutnik of Lhota, testified on March 4, 1778 that he paid to the heirs of Jan Blahnik, 7 pieces of gold as well as 17 pieces of gold remaining after his brother and his own share of 7 pieces of gold, which totals 31 pieces of gold.

. . . The son of  Jakub Blahnik was named #9 Simon Blahnik, who on November 25, 1692, married his wife, Barboru, who was the daughter of Jan Krale from Pocinovice. #9 Simon is named especially as the one from Blahnik's Mill. On June 14, 1719, Dorota, widow (maybe the second wife) after the deceased #9 Simon Blahnik, obtained the mill and 1/4 of the farm which was used by Jakub Blahnik along with the fields and meadows. She sold the property to her stepson (from the first marriage), Jiri Blahnik from Lhota, for a total of 300 pieces of gold. The buyer gave her 65 pieces of gold and the rest was promised to be paid in 10 pieces of gold, installments every year payable on the day of St. Martin beginning with the year 1720. He also promised to give a room and board to his mother as long as she was going to live. He also promised to take care of the other children until they would mature. Mother was not supposed to bother him with her first son, (when she married the second time, she was a widow arid she had a son). Her annuity included. 3 acres of rye, 3 bushels of wheat, 3 bushels of barley, and. 1 bushel of peas, and, 1 acre of oats, 3 plots of garden reserved for her use, 1 cow, and 1 sheep. The agreement was arranged in the presence of witnesses. They were the senior mayor, Jakub Kronforsta from Pocinovice, and. the mayor and councilman from Lhota. The division of the purchase price was recorded as follows: Petr Blahnik, who was in the army-10 pieces of gold; 75 pieces of gold given to an unknown source; 65 pieces of gold to Matous; 65 pieces of gold to Jakub; Jiri, as proprietor, 65 pieces of gold; Dorota, who was married, 12 pieces of gold.; Elizabeta, 12 pieces of gold, 1 cow, 1 young pig, & 2 sheep; Dorota, the mother received 6 pieces of gold. Total was 300 pieces of gold.

According to the accounting books of the Koutskeho Dominion, dated 1721 (page 183), the property tax payable to the nobility for the Blahniks' Mill amounted to 50 kreci & 5 den, which was payable on the day of St. Havla. The rent on the mill was payable on the day of St. Jiri and. St. Havla, each time for 3 pieces of gold.


3.            i.    
PETR10 BLAHNIK, b. Bohemia; d. Aft. 1745, Bohemia.
              ii.     MATEJ BLAHNIK, m. MARKETA.
             iii.     JAKUB BLAHNIK.
             iv.     JIRI BLAHNIK.
             v.     DOROTA BLAHNIK.
             vi.     ALZBETA BLAHNIK.


Generation No. 10

3.  PETR10 BLAHNIK (SIMON9, JAKUB (JAMES)8, MARTIN7, MATEJ6, N.5, HRON4, N.3, MARTIN2, ONDRA1) was born in Bohemia, and died Aft. 1745 in Bohemia.

Notes for PETR BLAHNIK:History of the Family of Blahnik of Smrzovice (1482-1944) Blahniks of Smrzovice by Ladislav Blahnik

. . . Petr, who was the son of Simon, farmed on "Blahnikcky (meaning 'By Blahniks'), which was 1/4 of Blahnik' s original property which was part of the divided overall property including the mill. Today on the same place called "Under the Novy Mlynem" are 4 farms (on the same place were in the 18th century Blahnik operated the mill).

After they sold the mill located near Lhota, Blahniks purchased for themselves part of the mill operated by the Petrak family which was also one of the oldest miller families. This mill is quite distant from Lhota and, in fact, is closer to Pocinovice than to Lhota. But regardless of the distance, it is within the village of Lhota limits. The mill is located in a wonderful valley with a beautiful view of the mill to be seen from the top of the hill where there are linden trees and Loucim's church.

In 1719,  Petr Blahnik was in the army. When he returned he married a woman who is unknown to us and on November 22, 1745, with permission of the nobility, he sold 1/4 of the farm to his beloved son, Vaclav.

Children of PETR BLAHNIK are:

4.            i.    
WENCESLAUS (VACLAV Jakub)11 BLAHNIK, d. Aft. 1745.
              ii.     VIT BLAHNIK.
             iii.     JAN BLAHNIK.
             iv.     ANNA BLAHNIK.
             v.     BARLOLOMEJ BLAHNIK.
             vi.     DOROTA BLAHNIK.
            vii.     FRANTISEK BLAHNIK.


Generation No. 11

4.  WENCESLAUS (VACLAV Jakub )11 BLAHNIK (PETR10, SIMON9, JAKUB (JAMES)8, MARTIN7, MATEJ6, N.5, HRON4, N.3, MARTIN2, ONDRA1) died Aft. 1745.  He married MARGARET.

Notes for WENCESLAUS (VACLAV) BLAHNIK:History of the Family of Blahnik of Smrzovice (1482-1944) Blahniks of Smrzovice by Ladislav Blahnik

. . .Petr Blahnik. . . . sold 1/4 of the farm to his beloved son, Vaclav, for the sum of 380 pieces of gold. Vaclav was to give to his father 3 acres of field located under Hurka (hill), 1 cow, 1/2 of the garden, 4 plots of cabbage & beets, & 1/3 of the fruit. Vaclav promised also to pay to his brother, Bartolomeji, 10 pieces of gold and take care of all duties in connection with the ownership.

Children of WENCESLAUS (Vaclav) BLAHNIK and MARGARET are:

              i.     MARKETA
              ii.     ANNA BLAHNIK, b. 1756.
             iii.     JAN BLAHNIK, b. 1758.
5.          iv.     MARTIN BLAHNIK, b. , b. August 06, 1761, Lhota, Bohemia; d. Aft. 1825, Bohemia. 
                      Records found by Nancy Janda Catholic Fary Loucim sv.5, str. 104

             v.     MARKETA BLAHNIK, m. JAN VOTRUBA.


Generation No. 12

5.  MARTIN12 BLAHNIK (WENCESLAUS (VACLAV JAKUB )11, PETR10, SIMON9, JAKUB (JAMES)8, MARTIN7, MATEJ6, N.5, HRON4, N.3, MARTIN2, ONDRA1) was born August 06, 1761 in Lhota, Bohemia (Source: Birth Record Catholic Fary Loucim, sv 5, str 104, researcher Joyce Pelnar.), and died Aft. 1825 in Bohemia (Source: Marriage record Catholic Fary Loucim, sv 19, str 89 researcher Joyce Pelnar, Alive at time of daughter Katherine's wedding.).  He married KATHERINE WOTRUBA May 25, 1784 in Catholic fary Loucim, Bohemia (Source: Marriage record Catholic Fary Loucim, sv. 10, fol. 1.), daughter of JACOB WOTRUBA and DOROTHEA UNKNOWN.  She was born April 25, 1764 in Smrzovice, Bohemia (Source: Birth Record Catholic Fary Loucim, sv. 5, str. 140, Smzowitz - researcher Joyce Pelnar.), and died Bef. 1825 in Bohemia (Source: Marriage record Catholic Fary Loucim, sv 19, str 89.).

Notes for KATHERINE WOTRUBA: Birth: Birth Record Catholic fary Loucim sv. 5, str. 149: Place Smrzowitz (=Smrzovice) Date 26, April 1764 Baptized: Catharina, legitimate daughter of Jacob Wotruba and his wife Dorothea, parents home is Biharzoviensi (=Beharov), they are subjects (not free people), born on the 25th.

Notes for MARTIN BLAHNIK: History of the Family of Blahnik of Smrzovice (1482-1944) Blahniks of Smrzovice by Ladislav Blahnik  Alternative birth date given as September 20, 1760

Vaclav inherited 1/4 of the Blahnik's farm #90 and he and his wife had, as far as we know, 3 children: Anna Dorota born on March 3, 1756, and Jan, who was born on April 9, 1758. Jan later became a farmer in Pocinovice in house #32 and married. Katerina, daughter of Jakub Hubene from Pocinovic #32 on February 22, 1786. The 3rd child of Vaclav was Martin who was the cottager in #16 in Smrzovice. Martin was born on September 20, 1760 and founded the still living branch of the Blahnik family in Smrzovice, house #16.

Before 1785, Martin, the son of Vaclav Blahnik who was the cottager from 'Blahniky' along with his wife, Marketa who was from Sxnrzovice, married Katerina Votruba, daughter of Jakub Votruba, the farmer and mayor in Smrzovice. Martin became to be the founder of the branch of the Blahnik family living still in house #16, which is built on the lot located. on the yard of house #17--'u Votruba.' This branch of the Blahnik family is still living there today.

In their marriage, Martin, with his wife, Katerina, had 7 children: Jakub, born on March 21, 1785; Marketa, born November 23, 1787 and who died when she was very young; Martin, born October 20, 1790; Marketa, born January 1, 1792; Anna Marie, born September 7, 1794; Petr, born on August 20, 1797 who died very young; and Petr, born on April 22, 1802.     


6              i.       JAKUB (JAMES)13 BLAHNIK, b. March 21, 1785, Smrzovice,  Bohemia; d. Bohemia.

                  ii.       MARKETA BLAHNIK, b. November 23, 1787.

                 iii.       MARTIN BLAHNIK, b. October 20, 1790.

                 iv.       MARKETA BLAHNIK, b. January 01, 1792.

                  v.       ANNA MARIE BLAHNIK, b. September 07, 1794.

                 vi.       PETR BLAHNIK, b. August 20, 1797.

                vii.       PETR BLAHNIK, b. April 22, 1802.

7.          viii.       KATERINA BLAHNIK, b. September 25, 1806, Smrzovice, Pilzen Kries, Bohemia; d. August 20, 1880, Carlton, Kewaunee Co., WI. (Pelnar family)



Generation No. 13

6.  JAKUB (JAMES)13 BLAHNIK (MARTIN12, WENCESLAUS (VACLAV)11, PETR10, SIMON9, JAKUB (JAMES)8, MARTIN7, MATEJ6, N.5, HRON4, N.3, MARTIN2, ONDRA1) was born March 21, 1785 in Smrzovice,  Bohemia, and died in Bohemia.  He married MARKETA VOTRUBA, daughter of JAMES VOTRUDA.

Notes for JAKUB (JAMES) BLAHNIK:History of the Family of Blahnik of Smrzovice (1482-1944) Blahniks of Smrzovice by Ladislav Blahnik

Jakub Blahnik, born on March 21, 1785, operated the farm at #16 after the death of his father, Martin Blahnik. Jakub had 5 sons; Vaclav, who married into house #23 in Dobrikov; Jakub, who married into farm #10 in Rudolice; another son (unknown named) who married in Polenka close to Chudenice on the farm which was called 'Suchcke'; another son (unknown named) who married into the farm in Stanetice (that name Blahnik is still in Stanetice and is still in existence); and son, Josef, born on August 14, 1829, who took over after his father, Jakub, the farm #16 in Smrzovice. This son, Josef, married. Magdalena Votruba who was born on January 18, 1832, the daughter of Matouse Votruba of Smrzovice # 17. Josef Blahnik died in Smrzovice on September 22, 1912. His wife, Magdalena, who after his death moved to Lhota to live with her daughter, Barbara, who was married to Halama (u Sloupiku). Magdalena died on February 27, 1914. Both she and her husband are buried in the family grave of Blahnik in the Loucim church cemetery.


                   i.       WENZEL14 BLAHNIK, b. May 25, 1814; d. Bef. 1818. More About WENZEL BLAHNIK: Parish Book: Transcribed by Dorothy Janca

                  ii.       JAKUV BLAHNIK, b. October 22, 1819.

                 iii.       JOHANN BLAHNIK, b. August 12, 1822.

                 iv.       JACOB BLAHNIK, b. May 10, 1825.

36.             v.       JOSEF BLAHNIK, b. January 01, 1829, Smrzovice Bohemia; d. September 22, 1912, Smrzovice, Bohemia.

                vi.       VACLAV BLAHNIK, b. June 30, 1833.

. . .Vaclav Blahnik, who married in Dobrikov into house #23, had a daughter, Katerina. His wife took on a lover who was a railroad employee and came to America. Vaclav Blahnik gave the farm later to his daughter who then married Matouse Mrazk, who later sold that farm and purchased another farm in Struhadlo close to Klatovy in house #22. Mrazk died in 1933 as a widower at the age of 81 because of the illness of 'marasmus' (birth records in Bezdekov). Vaclav Blahnik, himself, after he gave the farm to Katerina, who was married to Mrazk, bought himself a cottage in Soustov where he lived alone and worked with Novaks in Soustov. (Novak, himself, was a miner and worked in a mine). Novak had a daughter who had a baby by Vaclav Blahnik. The child was recorded in Novak' s name, (maybe because he took over the duty of its upbringing). Anyway, the name Novak could also be after his single daughter (the mother). The mother of' the baby was sent to America.

Editorial note; observe one of the many reasons of the 'why' and 'how' of America in terms of its European settlers. Most directly observe the names of Novak, Blahnik, Halama, etc. who settled in the middle 1800's around the Kewaunee, Wisconsin area.

                vii.       ROSALIA BLAHNIK, b. January 25, 1834.


Generation No. 14

36.  JOSEF14 BLAHNIK (JAKUB (JAMES)13, MARTIN12, WENCESLAUS (VACLAV JAKUB )11, PETR10, SIMON9, JAKUB (JAMES)8, MARTIN7, MATEJ6, N.5, HRON4, N.3, MARTIN2, ONDRA1) was born January 01, 1829 in Smrzovice Bohemia, and died September 22, 1912 in Smrzovice, Bohemia.  He married MAGDALENA VOTRUBA February 13, 1849 in Smrzovice, Bohemia/Czech, daughter of MATOUS VOTRUBA and BARBORA ALTMAN.  She was born January 18, 1832 in Smrzovice Bohemia, and died February 27, 1914 in Lhotan, Bohemia.

History of the Family of Blahnik of Smrzovice (1482-1944)  Blahniks of Smrzovice by Ladislav Blahnik

Josef Blahnik, born January 1, 1829, and who was the proprietor in house #16 in Smrzovice, had with his wife, Magdalena, 8 children. The eldest was Josef, who when he was only 15 years old, during the period of 'Moving Fever,' took off to America where he was a farmer and because already as a boy he loved music, he became to be a leader of his own family band. This eldest son, Josef, in America in Kewaunee, Wisconsin had 6 children who were in sequence: Adolph, Emily, Joseph, Alios, Frank, & Otto. He also had 5 brothers and sisters who moved, to America. They were; Jan, Vaclav (who was a blacksmith), Frantishek (who was a cabinetmaker and had a wife from the house #24 in Smrzovice called 'od Tondu'), Anna (who married Josef Koutnik from Lhota), and Katherine (who married Kveton from Lhota--'od Stasku'). Another sister, Barbara married Vaclav Halama who was a cottager in Lhota ('u Sloupiku'). The farm #16 in Smrzovice went to a younger brother, Jakub, who was born on January 5, 1863. This brother, Jakub, married on May 20, 1890, Anna, who was the daughter of Martin Sedlak, a farmer from Cernikov in house #55. The father, Jakub, of these children died in Klatovy (in the hospital) on September 21, 1931, and his wife, Anna, died in Smrzovice on July 2, 1936. They are buried in the Blahnik family grave in the Loucim church yard cemetery.
Birth Records of RC Parish of Loucim.  Facts from Plzen archives.  Received from Bob Blahnik

More About JOSEF BLAHNIK:Occupation: Farmer of Smrzovice


49.              i.       JOSEF15 BLAHNIK, b. January 25, 1854, Smrzovice, Bohemia; d. 1932, Michigan, USA.

50.             ii.       JAN BLAHNIK, b. 1856, Smrzovice, Bohemia; d. Bet. 1930 - 1932, USA.
.. +Josephine Vick m: May 19, 1884 in Menominee, MI
......... 2 Warslav Blahnik
......... 2 Adolph Blahnik
......... 2 John Blahnik
......... 2 Rudolph Blahnik
......... 2 Libby Blahnik
......... 2 Josephine Blahnik
......... 2 Bertha Blahnik
......... 2 Eva Blahnik

51.            iii.       JAKUB BLAHNIK, b. January 05, 1863, Bohemia; d. September 21, 1931 Bohemia

52.            iv.       WENZEL JAMES (VACLAV) BLAHNIK, b. Oct 11, 1858, Smrzovice, Bohemia; d. Dec 04, 1908,              Oshkosh, WI.

53.             v.       BARBORA BLAHNIK, b. April 14, 1865.

54.            vi.       FRANTISEK BLAHNIK, b. January 29, 1870, Smrzovice, Bohemia; d. Bet. 1908 - 1920, MI USA.
.. +Mary (Drazda) Drosda
......... 2 Frank Blahnik b. July 12, 1903 d. April 19, 1989 Menominee, MI
......... 2 Anton Blahnik b: January 06, 1908 d. December 03, 1989 Menominee, MI
......... 2 William Blahnik b. May 12, 1905 d. September 24, 1983
......... 2 Emma Blahnik
............+Donald Schingeck
......... 2 Sylvia Blahnik b. 1909  lived in MA
............+ Camile Brun
...............3 Joan Brun b. 2000
.................+ John Dinan
...................4 John Dinan
...................4 Elizabeth Dinan
...................4 Joseph Dinan
......................5 Matthew Dinan
......................5 Emily Dinan
..................4 Catherine Dinan
.....................+ Jackson

55.           vii.       KATERINA BLAHNIK, b. November 25, 1872, Bohemia; d. Aft. 1920, USA.
.. +Unknown Kveton  Lhota--'od Stasku
......... 2 Frank Kveton
......... 2 Joseph Kveton
......... 2 Helen Kveton

56.          viii.       Anna BLAHNIK*, b. April 26, 1867, Bohemia; d. USA.
.. +Josef Koutnik b: in Lhota, Bohemia d: October 1932 in Michigan
......... 2 Edward Koutnik
......... 2 Louis Koutnik
......... 2 Joe Koutnik
......... 2 Alex Koutnik
......... 2 Stella Koutnik
......... 2 Madeline Koutnik
......... 2 Clara Koutnik
......... 2 Rose Koutnik
......... 2 Charles Koutnik
......... 2 Frank Koutnik
......... 2 Josephine Koutnik
......... 2 William Koutnik
......... 2 Anna Koutnik
......... 2 Otto Koutnik

                  ix.      JOHANN BLAHNIK, b. July 05, 1852; d. Bef. 1856
   Loucim Bohemia records show name as Johann Bapt. 

                   x.     JAKUB BLAHNIK, b. Jan 30, 1860, Bohemia (Source: Loucim, Bohemia records, book 24, item 211.); d. 1862, Bohemia.

                   xi    ANEZEKA BLAHNIK, b. June 14, 1875, Bohemia (Source: Loucim, Bohemia records, book 24 item 343)


Other Blahniks that came to America come off the same Ondra line following these generations:

                   1st) Ondra Blahnik - farmer in Libkov 1482, Bohemia
2.) Martin Blahnik and his wife, Lidmilla, in Libkov, free men, farmer in Snopkov.
3.) N. Blahnik - free man in Libkov on farm Snopkov, 1571-79
4.) Hron Blahnik - free man in Libkov on farm Snopkov
5.) N. Blahnik - in mill near Lhota 1599
6.) Matthew Blahnik - in the mill near Lhota 1622-54
7.) Martin Blahnik - in the mill near Lhota 1652
8.) Jiri Blahnik  died bef 1704 in Klatovy, Bohemia & Anna Jakouboka
9.) Jakub Blahnik died March 1736/37 in Lhota
10) Jakub Blahnik who bought Loucim Farm April 8, 1722

. . .The son of #9 Jakub, #10 Jan, married. Ursula, whose family name is not known. #10 Jan died prior to 1762. On June 25th of this same year his widow, Ursula, received 5 pieces of gold and received another 5 pieces on December 11, 1762. On December 10, 1763, the son of the deceased #10 Jan Blahnik obtained in the place of his father 5 pieces of gold in the office of Kout and all these payments were erased from the book of debts. On October 31, 1766, #9 Jakub Blahnik paid to the children of the deceased #10 Jan, the heirship of 5 pieces of gold. On October 16, 1768, Jakub paid instead of Ursula, to her children the heirship of 5 pieces of gold.

The brother of Jan and son of #9 Jakub, was #10 Jakub who purchased himself a dwelling in the village of Loucim. The record is dated February 12, 1724. Already on April 9, 1722, #10 Jakub Blahnik worked and owned the farm in Loucim (archive of Czech County, property book #64, page 56, archive of Bystricky).

On April 24, 1751, with the approval of the gracious noble, Josef Doroty, widow Hubatiusove of Kotnova, born Zumsandtove of Sandberg, Lord of Beharov, Lipkov, Loucim, and Smrzovice, the trade agreement between Ondra Englernann, as a seller of a tavern and a farm, to Jakub Blahnik and his wife, Anna Marie, was arranged. The sale price was 450 pieces of gold (Book of' Property #64, page 18 in the Country Archive).

Children of Jakub Blahnik (Jakub's father) obtained on March 15,1737, a total of 155 pieces of gold: Jana, 30 pieces; Vaclav, 30 pieces; Jakub, 30 pieces; Ondra, who was in the army, 15 pieces; Anna, 10 pieces; Katherina, 10 pieces; Jakub, 30 pieces. Total-155. (Inheritance)
(There are 2 Jakubs in this family one was the farmer at Loucim and the other Miller at Blahnik mill.)

11)Unknown son of Jakub, second farmer at Loucim
12)Josef Blahnik, third farmer of Loucim

Descendants of Josef Blahnik

1 Josef Blahnik b: in Loucim, Bohemia, 3rd generation farmer? d: in Loucim, Bohemia
......... 2 Vaclav Blahnik b: in Loucim Bohemia, 4th generation farmer
............. +Frances Eckstein
.................... 3 Jiri Blahnik b: 1867 in Loucim Bohemia d: 1922 in USA (Kansas City, MO)  to be a Priest
.................... 3 Joseph Blahnik b: 1865 in Loucim Bohemia d: in USA (Kansas City, MO) to become a Priest
.................... 3 Vaclav Blahnik b: in Loucim Bohemia 5th Generation farmer d: in Loucim Bohemia
............................... 4 Jiri Blahnik b: in Loucim Bohemia 6th generation farmer d: in Loucim Bohemia
........................................... 5 Miloslav Blahnik b: in Loucim Bohemia
............................... 4 Anna Blahnik b: in Loucim Bohemia d: Aft. 1978
................................... +Unknown Sedlbauer m: in Lhota, Czech
............................... 4 Vaclav Blahnik b: in Loucim Bohemia
............................... 4 Marie Blahnik b: in Loucim Bohemia
.................... 3 Barbara Blahnik b: in Loucim Bohemia d: in USA (Kansas City, MO)?
........................ +Unknown Svab m: in Chodsko Lhota
......... 2 Joseph Blahnik b: 1831 in Loucim, Bohemia d: November 07, 1905 in Loucim, Bohemia
.................... 3 Karel Blahnik b: 1876
............................... 4 Karel Blahnik b: 1905
........................................... 5 Vitezslavia Blahnik
........................................... 5 Karla Blahnik


Known family lines from Ondra

ONDRA (I) Blanik Blahnik
abt 1455 Libkov – after 1482 –Chod serf

MARTIN (II) Blahnik
c1480 Libkov – after 1505 when he bought Snopkov farm in Libkov – Free Man

N. (III) Blahnik
c1500 Libkov-c1571 Snopkov farm in Libkov – Free Man

HRON (IV) Blahnik
c1525 Libkov –aft 1610 Snopkov farm in Libkov (sold farm in 1609) – Free Man

N. (V) (Natej?) BLAHNIK
c1555 – aft 1599 - Snopkov farm in Libkov –Free Man

MATEJ (VI1) (Blanieckh) Blahnik
c1580 Snopkov farm in Libkov -aft 1654 (proprietor Blahnik Mill, Lhota) Free Man


MARTIN (VII) (Blanieckh) Blahnik
c1600 U Blahniku-after 1652 U Blahniku (owner of Blahnik Mill – U Blahniku) Free Man


JAKOB (James VIII2 Smr) BLAHNIK & Anna
1632 U Blahniku -2/21/1701 U Blahniku
Free Man owned ½ of Blahnik Mill

JIRI Petrák (VIII1 a+c) BLAHNIK & Anna Jakouboke
c1625 U Blahniku -bef 1704
owned ½ of Blahnik Mill Free man - Challenged by Lamminger



SIMON (IX1s) Blahnik & Barboru Krale
c1660 U Blahniku -6/14/1919 U Blahniku

1658 U Blahniku-c1719 owned  ¼ Blahnik mill

Jan Jakub Petrák (IX2c) BLAHNIK
c1660 U Blahniku-1737 U Blahniku #89
first inherited ¼ mill from father then other ¼ after brother Petr died



PETR (X4smr) Blahnik (owned ¼  farm #90)
c1695 U Blahniku –aft 1745 U Blahniku #90
1754 sold 1/4 mill to son Vaclav XI1s

Matej (X1a) BLAHNIK
 1687 U Blahniku
 (Dorota [Dvorak] Mraz)

Jakub (X6c) Petrak Blahnik
 1705 U Blahniku-Loucim



Václav (Jakub- XI1s) BLAHNIK
c1695 U Blahniku #90 –aft 1761
wife Marketa  Schweda of Smrzovice

Wenceslaus (XI1a) Blahnik
 1718 U Blahniku-1789 Hluboka 34 (Marketa Karban)

Simon (XI1c) Blahnik
 1748 U Blahniku 89
 Wife Alzbeta Sagdlkontz, Kout



MARTIN (XII3s) Blahnik
1760 U Blahniku –aft 1825 Smrzovice #16
(Katherine Votruba)

ANNA Dorota (XII1w) Blahnik
1756 U Blahniku-1789 Pocinovice#121
(Andreas Kronforst)

Jakob (XII1a) Blahnik
 1743 Hluboka -bef 1806
 Starec #17
 (Maria Kaiser of Starec 19)

Jakub (XIIc) Blahnik
 b. 1776 U Blahniku #89
 (Apolonia Marek)


Fridrich Blahnik
c1738 -1801 Kout #56
wife Magdalena Hwiezda

JAKUB (James XIII1) Blahnik
c1785 Smrzovice 16
(Marketa Votruba)

MARIA Anna (XIII1w) Kronforst
1779 Pocinovice #121-1861 Libkov #6
(Martin Altmann)

Georgius (Jiri XIII1a) BLAHNIK
1771-1829 Starec #17
 (Marketa Blazek of Starec 12)

Adam (XIII1c) Blahnik
b. 1810 U Blahniku #89
 (Anna Weber)


Jacob Blahnik
1779 Kout 33-bef 1843  (Novy Dvur #5)

Wife Anna Kubsch from Sedlice

JOSEF (XIV1) Blahnik
1829-1912 Smrzovice 16
(Magdalena Votruba)

Barbora (XIV1w) Altmann
1803 Libkov #6-1857 Smrzovice #17
(Mathias Votruba of Smrzovice #17)

Georg (Jiri) BLAHNIK
 1819 Starec #17 – 1894 Ahanapee, Kewaunee Co, WI
 (Katerina Blaha)

Thomas (XIV1) Blahnik
 1843 U Blahniku #89 -Canada
 (Barbara Bretl – Germany)


Joseph Blahnik
1809 Kout #5- bef 1870 Stanetice #25
(Anna Hofman -Stantetice #25)
*bro John 1814 to Manitowoc, WI

Josef (XV1) Blahnik
1854 Smrzovice 16-1932 Carlton, WI
(Katherine Lipsch)
Several siblings also immigrated mostly to Michigan

Mary (XV1w) Votruba
1822 Smrzovice #17- 1908 Kewaunee Co, WI
(Josef Walecka) Came to America with 8 children

Had 6 sons.  5 from Starec
 Mathias 1835-1911
 Jacob 1837-1908
 George c1843-1912
 Joseph c1847-1920
 John c1850-1938
 Anton A. 1862-1907

Children born U Blahniku
 -Barbora 1875-1955 Can. (Vaclav Halama)
 -Frank 1878-1949 Can (Anna Weselak)
 others: Tereza, Jakub, Anna stayed Czech


Wenzel Blahnik
1848 Stanetice #25-
1924 Carlton, Kewaunee, WI
(Anna Fitzava/Tic)

Frank Blahnik 1890 WI-1966 WI
(Katherine Shimanik)

John (XVI1w) Walecka, Sr.
1842 Usilov #1-1929 Montpelier, WI
(Agnes Doleysch of Nemcice #25)



Josef Blahnik

Joseph A. Blahnik
1893 Carlton-1963 Two Rivers, WI
*Had 3 brothers
(Othilda Sekadlo of Michigan)

Arthur Blahnik
1911 WI-1982 WI
(Viola Seeman)

Anne Walecka
1876 Montpelier WI-1944 Carlton, WI
(Anton Froelich 1873 Carlton-1935)



Josef Blahnik
1922-2004 Loucim
(Marie Jehlik)

Frank Blahnik
1917 Carlton-1989 Two Rivers, WI
(Patricia Migawa

Joel Blahnik
(Mary Ann Jarman)

Charles Wachal, Sr.
1903 Carlton -1984 Green Bay (Kathryn Cherney 1914-2007)

Web Author
Jim Blahnik, Algoma,
Bob Blahnik, IL …

Agnes Hallama, Canada
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Jon Paul Blahnik
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Jerome Wachal

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Jan Blahnik
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