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Algoma, WI
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U Blahniku
LIBKOV WI /NY - Kout, Domazlice, CZ
Blahnik & Blacknik
PA/WI   Milwaukee & PA
Blahnik & Blamick
LIBKOV Appleton, WI - Branisov Kdyne Ashland WI, OH/CA, Gogebec, MI France/IL/WI/
Ledvice, Strasice
Jos & Tulachka
to Kewaunee, WI
 2012 Cz Trip & Reunions Czech Blahniks Mlynec, Klatovy, CZ -
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Polenka, Klatovy -
Oxford Jct. IA & Chicago, IL
Adam & Spora to Kewaunee, WI MN -Volduchy

   Vaclav 1838
 to Manitowoc, WI

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Ladislav Blahnik was the primary researcher in the Czech republic

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-History of Blahnik family - by Ladislav Blahnik

               General Map of SW Bohemia
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-DNA Project FTDNA and Nat'l Geographic  We have 5 different male DNA lines who chose the last name Blahnik
    current Blahnik family groups who have joined include:

I. Libkov
    A. Smrzovice  c1455 Ondra
    B. Algoma/Starec c1455 Ondra
    C. Canada/U Blahniku c1455 Ondra
    D. Kout na Sumave c1738 Fridrich
    E. Chod. Lhota c1890 Josef
    F. Hluboka c1900 Josef
Myto Jan 1766 in Myto to PA/WI
Appleton Blahniks Jakob 1870's
  Haplo I2a or I-P37.2
II. Iowa, USA Cedar Rapids-1
from  Georg Blahnik c 1840 and
wife Dorothea  Janca/Janda
Lived in Klatovy in 1863

Haplo  I1 or I-M253 

III. Trhanov/Ashland, WI
  A. Trhanov c1875 Frantisek
    B. Ashland, WI, USA



Haplo N1C1 or

IV. Ledvice 
From Josef 1875 -France-MN
I2b1 or I-M223
V. Volduchy
From Franz Blahnik 1888
Haplo L-M61

We are still looking for a member from Immigrant Branches
Kewaunee Blahniks from Adam born 1836 Bohemia and
Aloysia (Louise/Elizabeth/Liz) Spora/Skor/Sopher
Iowa, Cedar Rapids-2 from Joseph B Blahnik 1869 Bohemia-1949 and Mary (Bines) Benesh
Polenko, Cz to Chicago and Linn Co, IA from Jan c1820 and Mary Rejcha

From Czech Branches:
Ceske Budejovice, Cz from Jan Blahnik c 1900
Chotesov, Cz from Josef 1903
Dobrikov, Cz from Jakub 1871
Plzen, Cz from Roman Blahnik 1898

Thought to be no surviving male Blahnik Descendents from:
Jos & Tulachka  to Kewaunee, WI
Vaclav 1838  to Manitowoc, WI
Michael Blahnik c 1855 of
Mlynic or Allynce and Teresa Kouhout  to Cedar Rapids-3
Jones Co, IA from Wenzel Blahnik c 1835 and Anna Pachel


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+Blahnik Family Tree Index -Surname listings for family, pedigree, notes, descendents

14,58 individuals as of 02/16/2014
 9,802  individuals as of 9/4/2011
8,644  individuals as of 1/29/2011

                7,741  individuals as of 12/19/2009
                7,311  individuals as of 10/17/2008

        Other Czech families include: Holub, Halada, Hallama, Nickasch, Pelnar,  Sticka, Vorachek, more

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  +Algoma Blahniks (Starec)
origin Wenceslaus BLAHNIK and Margaretha KARBAN married Nov 27, 1741 Kdyne, Bohemia

+Francis' Research in Bohemia
    -Map of Bohemia
    -Starz 17 map - home of George Blahnik
    -Starec Records 1838
    -Submission of request to emigrate to America
    -14 Mai 1856 records
    -21 May 1856 records
    -27 May 1856 records, permission and passports

Photo George Blahnik in Algoma, WI
-1876 Plat Map Ahnapee Village (now Algoma, WI)
-George's US Citizenship

Children of George and Katerina (Blaha) Blahnik
-Mathias (Matje) Blahnik Sr., b. Jan 20, 1835, Village Starec #17,  Bohemia, Austria-Hungary; d. Sept 19, 1911, Algoma, WI.
- Jacob A. Blahnik, b. Feb 01, 1837, Village Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary; d. Nov 11, 1908, Algoma, WI.
-Marie Blahnik, b. Jan 31, 1840, Village Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (Source: SDA in Plzen Novy Kdyne.); d. Oct 1840.
-George Blahnik, b. Dec 29, 1841, (Village Starec #17?), Bohemia, Austria-Hungary; d. Mar 31, 1912, Algoma, WI.
-Josef Blahnik, b. Aug 19, 1844, Village Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (Source: SDA in Plzen Novy Kdyne.); d. Sep 11, 1844.
-Joseph Blahnik, b. Aug 12, 1845, Village Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary; d. Oct 03, 1932, Algoma, WI.
-Maria Blahnik, b. May 06, 1848, Village Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (Source: SDA in Plzen.); d. April 30, 1850.
-John (Johann Neomuk) Blahnik Sr, b. Mar 13, 1851, Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary; d. Nov 25, 1938, Algoma, WI.
-Anna Blahnik, b. Feb 12, 1853, Starec #17, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary (Source: SDA in Plzen.); d. 1856, Died on trip to America.
-Anton Blahnik, b. July 20, 1859, Algoma, WI; d. Oct 30, 1907, Algoma, WI.

+Smrzovice Blahniks
-Original Ladislav sources on Lee Blahnik's external web page
-Blahnik Tree from 1482 (pdf file)
-Josef Blahnik born Jan 25, 1854, Smrzovice, Bohemia; d. 1932
Michigan. Arrived New York from Austria Oct 1869 on Ship Hansa.
Married Katherine Lipsh.
-Jakub Blahnik born January 05, 1863 married Anna Sedlak and
stayed in Bohemia
-Jan (John) Blahnik born Nov 02, 1856 in Smrzovice, Bohemia; d. 1918
in WI, USA  Married Josephine Vick May 19, 1884 in Menominee, MI
-Vaclav Wenzel (James) Blahnik born Oct 11/1858, Smrzovice, Bohemia: died Dec 04, 1908 in Oshkosh, WI.  Married Maria Drozeda April 14, 1883 Menominee, MI
-Frantisek (Frank) Blahnik born Jan 29, 1870 Smrzovice, Bohemia;
died 1932 USA.
-Katerina Blahnik born Nov 25, 1872 in Bohemia, died USA.  Married
Kveton  Lhota
-Anezka (or Anna) Blahnik born June 14, 1875; died USA  m. Josef
Koutnik    Birthdate still under investigation.   April 26, 1867 birth for Anna or Anezka?
Katerina Blahnik September 25, 1806 married Simon Pelnar and came to the USA
-James Halama born 1894 came to the USA and married Marie Vichr. Mother  Barbora
-Jakub (James) Blahnik, b. March 21, 1785, Smrzovice,  Bohemia;
Stayed in Czech
-Josef Blahnik b. Jan 01, 1829, Smrzovice Bohemia; d. Sep 22, 1912, Smrzovice, Czech.


Blahniks - Taus, Loucim to Appleton, Outagamie Co, WI (three brothers)
Appleton, WI Blahnik family from Kdyne, Domazlice, Bohemia.  Possibly related to the Smrzovice Blahniks or Algoma Blahniks.

 -Frantisek (Frank J.) Blahnik Ellis Island June 27, 1906 to Appleton, WI on Ship Kroprinz Wilhelm from Bremen, Germany.  Followed by wife Marie and children Anna, Franz, Johann on the Kaiser Wilhelm II from Bremen Germany 1907.

-Ludwig (Louis) Blahnik wife Antonia (Antoinette) Barnesh.  Appleton, WI.  Louis came first in 1903 to  Baltimore on ship Neckar.  Antonia came in 1904 to join husband arriving in NY on Kaiser Wilhelm II with kids  Filomena, Jacob, Karl and Antoine.

-Wenzel Blahnik b. 1868 Bohemia married Mary Blazek (Appleton, Wisconsin).  Wenzel was the first brother to Immigrate.  He arrive in Ellis Island 3/23/1898 from Bremen, Germany on the Barbarossa.  His destination was originally Green Bay, WI to join a brother and 3 sisters in Kewaunee.  (WHO ARE THESE SIBLINGS? - Possible Smrzovice or Algoma clan link? - same area of birth and immigration.

 An IOWA Blahnik page has been added.   b   Brian Blahnik (from Romauld family)  sent and email regarding his family in Cedar Rapids Iowa. He indicates there are two sets of Blahniks in Cedar Rapids.  Bob Blahnik started Blahnik Construction (Business Construction) and Cedar Rapids has a Bohemian section that has the National Czech & Slovak  Museum & Library.  He is looking for more information about the Blahnik lines there so that maybe we can add a genealogy branch to this site. 


Winnipeg Canada Connection

-Barbora Blahnik born 1874, immigrated to Winnipeg, Canada, Married Vaclav Halama
-Frank Blahnik Born 1875 married Anna (Weselak) Veselak Klatovy,  to Winnipeg. 


Adam Blahnik b. 1836 came to Wisconsin 1884, married Aloysia (Louise) Spora/Skor/Sopher (Wisconsin)
Adam immigrated from Bohemia to New York, America in 1884 at the age of 45.  (per BACA, LEO. Czech Immigration Passenger Lists: New York Passenger Lists) 
Adam settled in Kewaunee County, WI and was a farmer.  He and his wife Lizzy had 6 children.  Adam and his wife are both buried at St. Peter's Catholic Cemetery-Lincoln Twp, Kewaunee Co, WI


KOUT BLAHNIKS to WI & NY starting with Frantisek & Magdelena Hwiezda Blahnik
(Research commissioned by Jon & Cheryl Blahnik and combined with other resources)

1-JOHN JOHANN (JAN) BLAHNIK 1814 #5 Kout, Czech Republic &  lived Radonice # 43- Aft. 1880 Lived in Manitowoc Co, WI & Mary (Margaretha?) Nejdl

2-Wenceslaus Blahnik b. 1848  married Anna Tic/Ditz-Kewaunee, WI
WENZEL was born 1848 in Stanetice #25  Bohemia (Czech), Pilsner Kreis  Europe, and died May 20, 1924 in Carlton Township, Kewaunee Co, WI (Source:  Kewaunee County Records - Deaths, Vol. 8, page 207.)  He is the son of Joseph and Anna Blahnik.  Descendent Jon Blahnik has information going back 2 more generations.

JOSEF HOFMAN BLAHNIK 1841- before 1920 probably NY & Anna (Voracek) Woracek from Oprechtice # 11 to New York (some use name Blacknik)



1-Jakob Blahnik
Bet. 1845 - 1855 Bohemia to Bef. 1892 probably Wisconsin
Jakob married Katherine (Kate) Marek or Moreck 1855 Bohemia- 1959 probably Wisconsin

2- Joseph Blahnik born January 05, 1864 in Bohemia (possibly Chodesko Lhota area) - October 14, 1940 Santa Cruz, CA.
Joseph married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Schurager/Schwerger Swainger September 05, 1892 Bessemer, Gogebic, Michigan. 



Other Blahnik Immigrant families In America

-Antonie Blahnik Ellis Island May 9, 1905 with children Antoine, Filomena , Jacob, Karl
-Franciska Blahnik arrived New York on July 10, 1869
Josef Blahnik settled Menomonee County, Michigan

-Marie Blahnik Arrived Ellis Island July 27, 1900
+-Mathias and Mary Blahnik arrived in New York 5 June 1872 with four children: Kate, Vinzenz, Maria and other name unreadable. 
+-Peter Blahnik Arrived at Ellis Island  1892 going to (Illinois?)
+-Vaclav Wenzel (Blanek) Blahnik 1838  Bohemia-1920 Manitowoc Co, WI.  Married Mary Tengler of Domazlice, Bohemia


+GERMAN BOHEMIANS -The web page from Robert J Paulson, German-Bohemian Heritage Society provides information about immigration patterns of the German-Bohemians to Wisconsin. (External Site)

    The Nickasch family tree information was compiled by the author of this web though research from the Register of Deeds (Births, Deaths, Marriages), census records, obituaries and other on line sources.  The information follows the family of Antone (Andrew or Andreas Nikasch) Nickasch who was born in 1838 in Horn, Falkenau, Boehmen Koenigreich (Bohemia), Austria.


CZECH ARCHIVES from .  This website holds the Czech records for Birth, deaths and marriages.  There currently is no index so the research has been collected by visually scanning the archives for the Blahnik family in Czech.  This is an ongoing project and so far the parish of Kdyne is the first area in the Blahnik Pocket to be researched for genealogy.  There is information to help others to navigate the records and get a basic understanding to interpret old German Script and some basic translations for Latin, German Czech.

                1.  Kdyne Parish from the Czech Republic, Plzen in the District of Domazlice.   There is currently a website one can access to view the Czech Records. 
                    District Domazlice Village:  Branišov, Brnířov, Dobříkov, Hluboka, Kdyne Kout in Sumava, Nova Ves, Prapořiště, Starec
Kdyne Book 2- Marriages 1679-1717                                               Family reconstruction
                    Kdyne Book 3- Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths 1717-1744        Family reconstruction
                    Kdyne Book 4- Baptisms, Marriage and Deaths 1744-1767         Family reconstruction
                    Kdyne Book 5- Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths 1768-1784        Family reconstruction
                    Kdyne Book 6- Deaths 1784-1815                                                   Family reconstruction
                    Kdyne Book 7- Marriages 1784-1815                                              Family reconstruction
                    Kdyne Book 8- Baptisms 1784-1815                                              
Family Reconstruction
Kdyne Book 9- Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths 1816-1835         No Blahniks only Blazek & Blaschek


Courthouse Records (Wisconsin)

Death Records
Kewaunee County
Door County
Brown County
Winnebago County
Manitowoc County

Birth Record
Kewaunee County
Door  County
Brown County
Winnebago County
Outagamie County
Racine County

Manitowoc County

Marriage Records
Kewaunee County
Door County
Brown County
Winnebago County

Outagamie County
Manitowoc County