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Adam & Spora to Kewaunee, WI MN -Volduchy

   Vaclav 1838
 to Manitowoc, WI

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Known American emigrants from Algoma Blahnik Branch from Starec, Bohemia:

George (Jiri) Blahnik   b. November 08, 1813, Starec #17, Bohemia d. January 17, 1894 Algoma, WI, USA  
(George and Katerina arrived in NY on Bark Aeoleus out of Breman on Sept 22, 1856 with 5 sons.  Their  daughter died at sea:)

Mathias (Matje) Blahnik, Sr., b. February 1, 1835, Starec #17, Bohemia; d. September 19, 1911, Algoma, WI
Jacob A. Blahnik, b. July 25, 1837, Starec #17, Bohemia; d. Nov 11, 1908, Algoma, WI.
George Blahnik b. December 29, 1841,  Bohemia -; d. March 31, 1912. Algoma, WI
John Blahnik, Sr., b. June 16, 1850, Starec #17, Bohemia; d. Nov 25, 1938, Algoma, WI.
Joseph Blahnik, b. August 12, 1845, Starec #17, Bohemia; d. Oct 03, 1932, Algoma, WI
Anna Blahnik  b. February 12, 1853 in Starec #17, Bohemia - Died on the ship coming to the USA 1856.
Anton Blahnik, b. July 20, 1859, Algoma, WI; d. October 30, 1907, Algoma, WI. (BORN IN AMERICA)

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Known American immigrants Smrzovice Blahnik Branch:

-Josef Blahnik b. January 25, 1854 , Smrzovice, Bohemia; d. 1932, Michigan, USA arrived New York from Austria October 16, 1869 on the ship Hansa at the age of 15. (Per Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, New York Passengers Lists 1847-1869 Vol. IV by Leo Baca.) Jan (John) Blahnik b. Bohemia; d. 1918, WI, USA.

-Vaclav (James) Blahnik  b. October 11, 1858, Bohemia; d. December 4, 1908, Oshkosh, WI  m. Maria Drozeda.
-Jakub Blahnik  b. January 05, 1863, Bohemia; d. September 21, 1931, Oshkosh, WI, m. Anna Sedlak
-Frantisek (Frank) Blahnik, b. January 29, 1870, Bohemia; d. MI USA
-Katerina Blahnik, b. November 25, 1872- USA; m. KVETON FROM LHOTA
-Anezka (or Anna) Blahnik, b. June 14, 1875, Bohemia; d. USA; m. JOSEF KOUTNIK 
birthdate still under investigation.
-James Halama, son of Barbora Blahnik b. 1894; d. 1983

CHILDREN OF 13TH Generation Vaclav Blahnik 4th generation owner of Loucim Farm

-Jiri-Blahnik, b. 1867, Loucini Bohemia; d. 1922, USA (Kansas City, MO). Studying to become a Priest.
-Joseph Blahnik, b. 1865, Loucini Bohemia; d. USA (Kansas City, MO). Studying to become a Priest
-Barbara Blahnik, b. Loucini Bohemia; d. USA (Kansas City, MO)?; m. UNKNOWN SVAB, Chodsko Lhota.

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Immigrants from TAUS/LOUCIM/KDYNE area to APPLETON, WI
Children of Jakub Blahnik and Annie Kacerovcky, Domazlice, Austria (Bohemia)

The first of 3 brothers to come to Appleton, WI USA was Wenzel Blahnik who arrived at Ellis Island with his wife and son June 23, 1898.  He indicated he had a brother and 3 sisters in Kewaunee Co, WI and came from Kdyne (Same area as the Algoma (Starec) Blahniks and the Smrzovice Blahniks) related?  Another brother Frankisek (Frank J.) Blahnik age 32 (born February 14, 1874 Taus, Austria) arrived on the Ship Kroprinz Wilhelm from Bremen, Germany in Ellis Island on June 27, 1906.  Listed as married, traveling alone to see his brother (Ludsv?) Blahnik at 648 State Road, Appleton, WIListed as occupation Coachman and able to both read and write.  Last residence was Havlovice, Bohemia.  Line 13 below.  Apparently his family came the following year.  Marie Blahnik born 1873 wife of Fr.  Blahnik arrived at Ellis Island July 3, 1907 with her three children Anna (age 7), Franz (age 4) and Johann (age 11).  Ship was the Kaiser Wilhelm II from Bremen Germany.  Final destination is Appleton, Wisconsin (765 Street is unclear.  Story??)- (line 23-26 from # 1, 7, 15 and 17 from the list below) From Kavlovice, Bohemia.  A check of Outagamie Register of Deeds of deeds shows that Frank J. Blahnik was born 2/14/1874 and died 5/20/1942 in Appleton.  Lived at 2000 E. John St.  Parents were listed as Jacob and Annie Blahnik and he was from Taus, Austria per deaths vol 38, pg 218.  He was widowed and retired from the paper mill.  1910 Appleton City Directory shows he worked at Geo. Walter Brewing C0 and lived at 379 State Street, Appleton.  Brother appears to be Ludwig (Louis) Blahnik who lived with his wife Antonia at 1220 1-2 Elsie, Appleton, WI in 1910.  Ludwig (Louis) Blahnik who lived with his wife Antonia at 1220 1-2 Elsie, Appleton, WI in 1910.  Ludwig worked for Interlake Pulp and paper.  In 1908 the City directory gives the address of 648 State Road, Appleton.  Wife Antonia (Antoinette) Barnesh.  Came to Appleton, WI.  His brother Frankisek (Frank J.) Blahnik came later. In 1921 Appleton, WI City directory there is a listing for Jacob Blahnik and wife Viola who lived at 774 State Street.  He was a finisher.  Appears he is the son of Ludwig (Louis) and Antonia (Antoinette) Barnesh and Viola's last name was Peters

Another brother -  #18 below  (Vaclav) Wenzel born about 1865 in Bohemia per Ellis Island records and was the  son of Jake and Anna.   Married Mary Blazik. 2nd marriage 1930 to Ida McNerney in Kewaunee Co.  According to Ellis Island records there is a Vaclav (translates Wenzel) Blahnik with his wife Marie (age 34) and son Jacob who arrived June 23, 1898 from Bremen, Germany.  Wenzel is listed as 33 years old (born about 1865) with the destination of Green Bay, WI to join a brother and 3 sisters in Kewaunee.  He was never in the US before, was in good health and in possession of $20. He is listed as a farmer from Kdyn Bohemia. The ship they traveled was the Barbarossa. #18, 8. 19 below in Ellis Island listings.  Wenzel lived much of his life in Appleton, WI.   Death record in Outagamie County shows birth as 3/2/1865 and death 11/11/1949 - born Bohemia, wife Marie Blazek, daughter of John Blazek and Anna Kaliack.  Marie was born 5/16/1864 and died 2/8/1928 in Appleton, WI.  Only point of confusion is on Wenzel's death certificate his father is listed as Wenzel.  Possibility the brother could be John Blahnik.  He lived at 627 Story Street in Appleton in 1904 per city directory along with his wife Mary.  John was a Laborer.  John does not appear again in 1908 Appleton city directory though.  Green Bay is not far from Appleton, WI. Per Outagamie Co Register of Deeds, Ellis Island records, Kewaunee Co. Records.

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1-Jakob Blahnik
Bet. 1845 - 1855 Bohemia to Bef. 1892 probably Wisconsin
Jakob married Katherine (Kate) Marek or Moreck 1855 Bohemia- 1959 probably Wisconsin

2- Joseph Blahnik born January 05, 1864 in Bohemia (possibly Chodesko Lhota area) - October 14, 1940 Santa Cruz, CA.
Joseph married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Schurager/Schwerger Swainger September 05, 1892 Bessemer, Gogebic, Michigan. 

 Edward J. Blahnik 04/07/1917-10/29/1976 US Army SP5 Natl Memorial Cem of  Pacific. Honolulu, HI


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Adam Blahnik

-Adam Blahnik b. March 19, 1836, Bohemia; came to USA1884; m. Aloysia (Louise) Spora/Skor. Died November 24, 1924 in Kewaunee County, WI.  Son Joseph born on ship coming to USA on February 12, 1884. Per Kewaunee Co. Register of Deeds. His daughter, Theresa Blahnik born 1873 in Bohemia, married into the Algoma Blahnik family to George J. Blahnik, Jr. 1874-1902. 

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Minnesota Blahnik

-Franz (Frank) Blahnik. Born 1888 and arrived at age 18 in New York, Ellis Island from Volduchy, Bohemia on Feb 27, 1906.  #14 below Franz Blahnik male born 1888 left Volduchy, Bohemia and arrived at Ellis Island Feb 27, 1906.  He traveled the Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse from Bremen, Germany and is listed as 18 years old.  His final destination is Pine City, Minnesota .  He carried $11 and is listed on line 7 of the ship's manifest His Uncle James Polk (Rock?) lived there. He is the son of Josef Blahnik (7-20-1858) and Marie (Mary) Jisova.  Josef is son of Josef Blahnik (3-26-1831) and Anna Krocova (2-10-1831),  Josef's parents were Frantisek (no birth year known) and Johana Saskova (no birth year), Frantisek is the son of Matej Blahnik (no birth year) and Barbora Egermajrova (no birth year).  (source Ellis Island and descendent Michelle Samlaska)

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Iowa/IL Families


Descendants of George Blahnik and Dorothea Janca  (Linn Co, Cedar Rapids, IA)
Descendants of Joseph Blahnik and Marie Benesh  (Linn Co, IA)
Descendants of Joseph Blahnik and Mary Bines  Linn Co, IA (same as above?)
Descendants of Michael Blahnik and Teresa Kouhout  (Linn Co, IL)


Descendants of John (Jan) and Mary Rejcha  (Chicago, IL  &
Oxford Junction, Jones, IA, MI )
Descendants of Thomas Blahnik and Anna (Wilcheck Vicek or Vacak) Verchek (Jones Co, IA)

-Joseph and Mary Blahnik  buried Richmond Cemetery; Washington County, Iowa. Joseph born about 1831and died Oct 18, 1903.  Mary was born about 1829 and died Mar 13, 1903.

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(MYTO BLAHNIKS) Josef Blahnik & Josefa Sneider.  This couple lived in Myto house 153 & 156.  They came to the United States between 1875 and 1877 with their five children Joseph (Josef Blahnik) Blamick, Jakub (Jacob) Blahnik, Jan (John) Krititel Blahnik, Maria (Mary) Blahnik (Yanda), Caroline Blahnik (Szafranek).



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Barbora Blahnik immigrated to Canada in 1896. Father was Tomas Blahnik and Grandfather Adam Blahnik. Born in 'u Blahniku' (By Blahniks) per Agnes Hallama's family history in Canada.  Sister of Frank Blahnik, Winnipeg (below).

bullet Frank Blahnik
Born 1875.  Wachal (Vachal)
and  Winnipeg connection. Roy Rushka writes:
You may wish to visit our Web Site that has genealogy information about The Chodove People. We have shown our group (Clan) of families that originated from Chodsko. Our Chodove ancestors were forced to leave West Bohemia because most of them had continued to rebel against Austrian rule long after the Chod Border Patrol Guards had been disbanded by Austrian Empire in 1621. More than 20 of our ancestral families were moved to the District of Galicia by the Austrian Army in 1830-40. There they founded the Czech speaking village of Komorowka, Brody District situated within 1 mile of the border between Czarist Russia and the Austrian Empire. Starting in 1891 and continuing until about 1905 over 300 of these Chodove People immigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba and Esterhazy, Saskatchewan. With tenacity they had held on to their Czech language and cultural identity during their 65 year stay Galicia. The eastern part of the District of Galicia is in the Lviv Region of the western Ukraine today. 
In Winnipeg, one of our ancestors (Anna Veselak), married Frank Blahnik in 1901, who had been born 1875 in the vicinity of Klatovy and died 1949 in Winnipeg. His ancestors, most probably had originated from the Chodove village of Ujezd. Their name was listed there in the 1621 census taken by the Austrian authorities when the Chod villages were offered for sale and the residents forced back to a feudal existence as serfs. -Text per Roy Rushka -

Roy has 3 books for sale that he wrote into English about the Chodove People and the Chod Border Patrol GuardsWolf Dogs $20 is a Novel, "The History of the Chods",  provides the most factual background history about the Chod ancestors for $10. Volume I of the "Colonists & Pioneers" was written by Roy Rushka and is an original account is the historic story about our ancestors as Chod Border Patrol Guards and members of the Chodove People [email protected] for current price, shipping & ordering.



If you have more information please email so we can better connect Blahnik cousins.

-# 2 below: Antonie Blahnik female born 1877 came to Ellis Island May 9, 1905 aboard the Kaiser Wilhelm II from Dobrikov with 4 children.  Antonie age 10, Filomena age 6, Jacob age 4, Karl age 2.  They left from Bremen, Germany.  Passengers 2, 3, 4, 10, 12 below.

Franciska Blahnik age 28 arrived in New York on July 10, 1869 on the Weser from Bohemia.  (Birth would be 1841) Per Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, New York Passengers Lists 1847-1869 vol. IV by Leo Baca.

Josef Blahnik 1865 Loucim, Bohemia (Smrzovice Connection) marries a Catherine from KS (German Parents) & has 3 daughters in California       

Joseph or Josef Blahnik who settled in Menominee (Menominee County), Michigan.  He owned a successful general store there.  His children:  Emma, Bozena, Joe Jr., Marian, Dorothy, Helen.  I think he and his wife immigrated from Bohemia (ie they were not American born).  I believe Joseph and his wife (I think her name was Bozena, too) both died and are buried in Menominee.  Bozena was alive into the 1950's.  Per H. Edgell

# 16 below Marie Blahnik born 1879 left Lahota, Bohemia at age 21 aboard the Grosser Kurfust from Bremen, Germany.  Arrived Ellis Island July 27, 1900 and listed as single on line 29 of the ship's manifest.  She is listed as occupation, servant.  She carried $7.00 and was going to see "uncles Besser Michigan Box 173"

+Mathias born 1823 and Mary immigrated to Wisconsin from Bohemia in 1872 with their oldest daughter, Kate, Vinzenz, (unknown), and Maria. They arrived in New York aboard the Bremen on 5 June 1872 listing their place of residence as Austria. According to passenger list, Mathias was born in 1823 (1872 less 49 years). They were apparently a total of eight children. Vavrinec Blahnik 1845 near Klatvoy -per John Kracha.

#9 below Peter Blahnik male born about 1844 Arrived at Ellis Island from Bremen, Germany on the ship the Dresdenin 1892.  He was 48 years old and last residence was listed as (Thouberg?).  He was a laborer from Prussia going to (Illinois?).  Traveled in Steerage II. Per Line 9 below.

+Vaclav Blahnik (Wenzel) born December 07, 1838 in Bohemia, died November 15, 1920 in Manitowoc, WI.  Married Mary
Tengler (Maria Jengler by some courthouse records). Came to the USA about 1867 per Jill Pett.


KOUT BLAHNIKS to WI & NY starting with Frantisek & Magdelena Hwiezda Blahnik
(Research commissioned by Jon & Cheryl Blahnik and combined with other resources)

1-JOHN JOHANN (JAN) BLAHNIK 1814 #5 Kout, Czech Republic &  lived Radonice # 43- Aft. 1880 Lived in Manitowoc Co, WI & Mary (Margaretha?) Nejdl
 Mathias Blahnik born in Bohemia and married Kathryn Koslosky.  They had at least 3 children in Manitowoc County beginning 1877. Per Manitowoc Register of Deeds records
 Wenzel Blahnik and Mary Echtner were both born in Bohemia but married in Manitowoc County, WI 11/21/1873.  Wenzel is the son of John Blahnik and Mary (Margaretha?) Nejdl.  It would seem his brother Franz (Blahanick) Blahnik also came to America and married Josepha Wodselko November 22, 1874 in Two Creeks, Manitowoc Co., WI per Manitowoc Register of Deeds office. 

2-Wenceslaus Blahnik b. 1848  married Anna Tic/Ditz-Kewaunee, WI
WENZEL was born 1848 in Stanetice #25  Bohemia (Czech), Pilsner Kreis  Europe, and died May 20, 1924 in Carlton Township, Kewaunee Co, WI (Source:  Kewaunee County Records - Deaths, Vol. 8, page 207.)  He is the son of Joseph and Anna Blahnik.  Descendent Jon Blahnik has information going back 2 more generations.

JOSEF HOFMAN BLAHNIK 1841- before 1920 probably NY & Anna (Voracek) Woracek from Oprechtice # 11 to New York (some use name Blacknik)


COURT: Naturalizations; Superior Court, Index A-Ca, Linn County, IOWA

Entry Last Nm First, middle nm Date Country type location
2569 Blahnik Charles Frank  09/12/1913 Bohemia Dec Dec 4 (1909-14), 261
4561 Blahnik Charles Frank 06/22/1916 Bohemia Pet, Dec Pet 8 (1915-17), 306
4433 Blahnik Josef 09/16/1913 Bohemia Pet,Dec Pet 7 (1913-15), 178
1263 Blahnik Joseph 12/23/1904 Bohemia Dec Dec (1896-1906), 115
2064 Blahnik Joseph   Bohemia Pet Pet (1886-91), 348




 Name of Passenger Residence Arrived Age on Arrival
1. Anna Blahnik    Kavlovice, Bohemia    1907 
2. Antonie Blahnik    Dobrikov    1905  28 
3. Jacob Blahnik    Dobrikow    1905 
4. Karl Blahnik    Dobrikow    1905 
5. Adalb. Blahnik  ??   Pueblo, Colorado    1904  37 
6. Albert J. Blahnik ?    USA   1921  19 
7. Johann Blahnik    Kavlovice, Bohemia    1907 
8. Marie Blahnik    V. Kdyn married. b 1864   1898  34 
9. Peter Blahnik        1892   
10. Antonie Blahnik    Dobrikow    1905 
11. Barbora Blahnik ?       1896  20 
12. Filomena Blahnik    Dobrikov    1905 
13. Frankisek Blahnik    Havlovice, Bohemia    1906  32 
14. Franz Blahnik    Bohemia, Volduchy    1906  18 
15. Franz Blahnik    Kavlovice, Bohemia    1907 
16. Maria Blahnik    Lhota    1900  21 
17. Marie Blahnik    Kavlovice, Bohemia    1907  34 
18. Vaclav Blahnik Wenzel   V. Kdyn    1898  33 
19. Yakub Blahnik (Vaclav)   V. Kdyn    1898 

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