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Katerina Blahnik 1806-1880 daughter of Martin Blahnik 1761-aft 1825

Pelnar Family
Descended from
 Genealogist Nancy Janda

7.  KATERINA13 BLAHNIK (MARTIN12, WENCESLAUS (VACLAV JAKUB )11, PETR10, SIMON9, JAKUB (JAMES)8, MARTIN7, MATEJ6, N.5, HRON4, N.3, MARTIN2, ONDRA1) was born September 25, 1806 in Smrzowitz, Pilzen Kries, Bohemia, and died August 20, 1880 in Carlton, Kewaunee Co., WI.  She married SIMON (PELNARSCH) PELNAR November 15, 1825 in Smrzovice, Pilzen Kries, Bohemia (Source: Marriage record Catholic Fary Loucim, sv 19, str 89 researcher Joyce Pelnar.), son of JOSEPH PELNARSCH and MARGARETHA WOTRUBA.  He was born March 30, 1805 in Brnirov, Pilzen Kries, Bohemia, and died April 12, 1889 in Carlton, Kewaunee, WI.

NAME: Catharine Blahnik is listed as the mother of Joseph Pelnar.
Copy of St. Mary's Church, Tisch Mills, Manitowoc, WI in possession of Nancy Janda Nickname Katie.
CONFLICT: Originally had name listed as Katharina Votruba, because Nick Pelnar's biography lists her name this way.
BIRTH-DEATH:Headstone inscription viewed in 1992 by Nancy Janda listed birth as 25-May-1806 and death as 20-AUG-1888, St. Joseph Catholic cemetery, Norman.  Cemetery spelling is Katerian.
Visited and pictures taken in July 1994 by Dennis/Nancy Janda.
St Joseph Death Record found in Catholic Diocese, Green Bay WI July 1994 lists Catherine Pelnar, wife of Simon Pelnar, dying 20 August 1888, and buried the 22 August 1888.  Copy in poss of Dennis Janda.  Much is illegible.
BIRTH: Notes from Archive state that Katharina Blahnikova was born 25.9.1806 ( matrika fary Loucim sv.13, str. 30.)
 BIRTH SOURCE: Cemetery inscription, St. Joseph's cemetery, Norman, Kewaunee, Wisconsin
DEATH SOURCE: Cemetery inscription, St. Joseph's Cemetery, Norman, Kewaunee, Wisconsin

!CENSUS: See verification with husband Simon Pelnar.
1860 - 51 years old
1870 - 55 years old
1880 - 72 years old
DEATH: Conflict on death and burial years.
Nancy Janda

More About K
Burial: August 22, 1880, Norman, Carlton Twp., Kewaunee Co., WI
Immigration: October 19, 1855, Bark Blucher to New York- Kewaunee Co., WI
Residence: 1825, Smrzowitz Noumber 16

The Pelnar family, as they were known in the US,  moved to Norman, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin, arriving on the Bark Blucher on October 19 1855 in New York.  Simon purchased land on the NW corner of the intersection of Co. J and Norman road, north of St. Joseph's Church.  They are buried in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Norman.  They arrived here with their 8 children. 


Update: June 1996
Buried at St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Norman, Carlton Twp., Kewaunee County, WI.  Located in the village of Norman.  1/4 mile from the corner of Hy.
G and Norman Road. Tombstones copied in 1976 and listed in book located in Joseph Mann Library, Two Rivers WI. Visited in July 1994 by Dennis/Nancy Janda who took pictures of stone which contains names of parents. Simon/ Nar. 30 Brez. 1803/ Zem. 12 Dubna 1889 (Brez=March, Dubna=April) This matches Nicholas Pelnar's biography in the Commemorative Biographical Record of the Counties of Brown, Kewaunee, and Door Wisconsin (1895).
Gc 977.501 B81co v.2 Ft. Wayne IN - Allen Cty. Library  Simon was born in Bohemia, probably in Pilsen County.
BIRTH: Archive from Plzen notes;  Simon Pelnar born 30.3.1803, ale. 30.3.1805 (matrika fary Kdyne sv. 8, fol. 162)

Conflict: In Nick Pelnar's biography above, it lists his parents' marriage as occuring in 1835. I think it should have been earlier.  Maybe abt 1829. The oldest child is listed as 25 years old.  See below.
Another conflict is the maiden name of Cathrine/Katharina/Katerian/Katie/ Catharine.  Nicholas in his biography lists his mother's name as Votruba. Joseph in the marriage listing from St. Mary's church, Tisch Mills WI, lists his mother's maiden name as Blahnik.
Herb and Joyce Pelnar, 8508 Town Hall Rd. NW., Byron, MN 55920 - Met them at the Czech Genealogy convention in Green Bay WI in October 1994.  They sent us more information verifying much of what I already had and also verifying dates of marriages of Simon and Katharina but also of her parents.  I have a copy of the ARCHIV V PLZNI research in Czech and the translation in my possession as of  November 1994, but didn't work on getting it into the computer until June of 1996.  (I basically have more research given to me than I have time to do right now.)  See note below on Marriage record.

Marriage Record: Catholic: fary Loucim sv. 19, str. 89:
Date: 15 November 1825
Address of the bridegroom:  Premirschen Number 8 (=Brnirov)
Address of the bride:  Smrzowitz Noumber 16  (=Smrzovice)
Bridegroom:  Simon Pelnarsch, farmer in Premirschen, son of the still living Joseph Pelnarsch, farmer from Hluboken (=Hluboka), and his deceased wife Margaretha (maiden name Wotruba), from Premirschen. Age, position:  20 years, Unmarried
Bride:  Katharina, daughter of the still living Martin Blahnik, farmer from Smrzowitz, and his deceased wife Katharina (maiden name Wotruba or Otruba) also from Smrzowitz. Age, position:  17 years,  Unmarried

Pelnarch (Pelnar) - Simon 51, Cathrine 48, Cathrine 25, Theresia 21, Anna 23, Nicolaus 13, Joseph 11, Wenzel 7, Franz 5, Bohemia; BLUCHER, 19 October 1855; Wisconsin.  Found in Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, Volume IV, by Leo Baca, Copyright 1991.  Gc 929.1437 1312c v.4.  page 109 New York Passenger Lists 1847-1869.  Passenger Lists of Vessels arriving at NY 1820-97, Sep 25-Oct 25, 1855, Roll 157.  Pelnar's left from Bremen, Germany on the (bark) Blucher.  Line #102 lists Simon as a farmer and family continues to line #110.
 Also listed on the boat and going to Wisconsin were Maria Pelnarch, 17, single on line 120 and below her was Friedrich Christian, 25, also going to Wisconsin.  I am making an assumption that Maria Pelnarch, 17 was also their daughter but that she might have been planning to marry Friedrich Christian.  (It never seemed to have happened though.)
(There is also a Mary living with Simon and Katharina in 1860).

Kewaunee Co. Wisconsin Historical Society located on the Kewaunee Co. Courthouse Lawn. (It used to be the old jail.)
On the second floor hallway is a map of Carlton (1837-1856)  Carlton Sec. #17 was originally owned by Simon Pelwasch #80, 4/3/1856.  In another room, 1876 map listed the property as split with Joseph and Wenzel each owning half of the original property.  Nick lived in Sec. #16 where the cemetery is now located and where the original church used to be located. Nick donated the property.
By 1903 Nick Pelnar's property had the church and cemetery around it on Sec. #16.  Wenzel still lived in #17. and Joseph had sold his property to Riha. By 1869 Syman Pelnar and Katherina Pelnar his wife had made an agreement with their sons, Nicolas, Frank, Wenzel and Joseph.  The agreement was however signed only by Nicolas, Joseph, and Wencel Pelnar. AGREEMENT:  It is hereby agreed between Nicolas Pelnar, Joseph Pelnar and Wenzel Pelnar parties of the first part and Simon Pelnar and Catherina Pelnar parties of the second part as follows to wit:  be here as the parties of the first part are hereby bound to pay the party of the second part the sum of Fifty Dollars a year each one in provision according to certain Bonds this day made and entered into know therefore we each agree to let the paty of the second part for payment of the Fifty Dollars have Two barrels of Wheat Flour each one Barrel of Rye Flour each Ten Bushels of Potatoes each half Ton of Hay each Two Cords of Wood each 20 heads of Cabbage each which shall be considered as payment for the Fifty Dollars for which each of the said parties of the first part are to pay to the second part and it is agreed by the parties that the Cattle of the party of the second part shall run with the Cattle of the parties of the first part and be well treated, and cared for by the said parties of the first part, and the said party of the second part is to occupy the House he now Lives in, until his New House is completed, and the said parties of the first part agree to put a Fence around the Land Leased by him as his Garden and keep the same in good repair and it is further agreed by the parties that in case of sickness of the parties of the second part, the parties of the first part are Bound to take care of them their Cattle, Hays & Stock as they would their own. Received and registered at the courthouse at 2:00pm Aug. 24, 1869 Information found in a book of Deeds, p. 292-293.

1860 - Hand copy of 1860 Census, page 125, Carlton, Kewaunee Co., Wisconsin, on 03-August-1860 lists the family of Simon Belmorz, lines 35-40. Simon Belmorz, 54, M, Farmer, real estate - $1200, Personal Property - $300; Catharine, 51, F; Mary, 19, F; Jos., 15, M; Winzel, 13, M; Frank, 10, M.
Copy located in Kewaunee Co. Historical Society and copied in July 1994.
1870 - Print p. 368; page # 9, enumerated 18 & 19 Aug 1870, Carlton, Kewaunee, WI.  Lines 30-31  Simon, 60, M, farmer, real estate - $200, personal property - $140; Catherina, 55, F.  He is enumerated on the same page as his 4 sons, Nicholas, Joseph, Frank and Wenzel.
1880 - Carlton, Kewaunee, Wisconsin.  ED49 June 10, 1880, Page 13, Line 21 and 22 (Dwelling 118, Family 121.)  Simon age 75, Katharina 72 (notice age difference from 1870) They said they emmigrated in 1854, but that does not match with ship records.  They had 9 children, and all were alive but 1 son in 1895.  They are the only Pelnars in Carlton.  Probably had daughters before Nicholas, eldest son.  Intention to naturalize was filed on Nov. 1. Biography of Nick Pelnar said they emigrated in 1855. This now has been confirmed.

Index of Announcements from 1859-1920, Kewaunee Enterprise, compiled by Judy Srnka, 1993, lists Simon, of & died at Carlton/ died April 12/ age 84 yrs./ leaves 3 sons & 5 girls/ wife died 8 months ago/ April 19, 1889. Obituary:  DIED.--Simon Pelnar, an aged and well known farmer of the town of Carlton, died at the home of his son Wenzel Pelnar, in that town last Friday morning, at the ripe old age of 84 years.  Deceased leaves three sons and five daughters, his wife preceding him to the grave about eight months ago.  The funeral took place on Sunday forenoon and was very largely attended.
St. Joseph's Church death record found in Green Bay WI at Catholic Diocese in July 1994 lists Simon Pelar, 84 years, died April 12 1889, buried April 14.  Copy in poss of Dennis Janda.

 DEATH SOURCE: Visit to cemetery, July 1994.  Kewaunee Enterprise newspaper article listing

BURIAL: Buried in St. Joseph Cemetery, Norman, Carlton, Kewaunee, WI Their stone is still in the cemetery.  Simon is on one side and his wife is on another side.

Simon was married 15 Nov. 1825 at age 20.  He was presently living at Brnirov, Bohemia in house #8, his occupation given as farmer.  This was the farm he was born on and the record shows that his father was now farming in Hluboken (Hluboka), which is a very pretty little village nearby.  His mother, Margaretha, was dead at this time.

Katharina Blahnik, his bride, was the daughter of Martin Blahnik and the deceased Katharina Wotruba, of #16 Smrzowitz (Smrzovice).  The marriage record gives Katharina's age as 17, but her brith record states she was born on the 25th of September, 1806, which would make her 19.  (Marriage record Roman Catholic Loucim parish sv. 19, str.89)  Simon and Katharina had nine children that we know of.  Their whole family immigrated to the USA in 1855 and settled immediately in Carlton township, Kewaunee, Wisconsin.  Their oldest daughter Dorothea was married to Joseph Prausa, and they came on the same ship.  
Ship's passenger list, Madison WI #P45748-49
Ship - Clark Blucher
Master - Aug. Klapper
Left - Port of Bremen Germany
Arrrived - New York Port
Date of Arrival - October 19, 1855

Simon purchased land (now the NW corner of the intersection of Co. J and Norman road, north of St. Joseph's church)  and started faming.  The first Bohemian families arrived in Carlton in 1853, so the Pelnar family probably settled among friends, maybe even family.  They would have belonged to St. mary's parish in Michicot, according the HISTORY OF CATHOLIC PARISHES, because erection of a small church in what is now Norman didn't begin until 1864, on land that was donated by Nick Pelnar, Joe Stangl, and John Riha.  There were about 50 Bohemians and 10 German families that undertook the building.  Rev. J. Mally was the first Catholic priest to visit the new congregation on Oct. 17, 1869.  The Pelnar's seemed to be very active in the community.

Nancy Janda


Burial: April 14, 1889, St. Joseph Cem. Norman, Carlton Twp., Kewaunee Co., WI
Immigration: October 19, 1855, Bark Blucher, New York to Kewaunee Co, WI
Occupation: 1825, farmer in Premirschen, Bohemia
Religion: Catholic
Residence: 1825, Premirschen Number 8       


  1. DOROTHEA14 PELNAR, b. August 28, 1827, Brnirov, Pilzen, Bohemia.

  2. CATHARINE PELNAR, b. November 02, 1829, Brnirov, Pilzen, Bohemia; d. February 23, 1911, Carlton, Kewaunee Co., WI.

  3. ANNA PELNAR, b. February 1834, Brnirov, Pilzen, Bohemia.

  4. THERESIA PELNAR, b. August 15, 1836, Brnirov, Pilzen, Bohemia; d. April 23, 1919, Montpelier, Kewaunee, WI.

  5. MARIA PELNAR, b. Abt. 1838, Brnirov, Pilzen, Bohemia.

  6. NICHOLAS PELNAR, b. April 18, 1840, Brnirov, Pilzen, Bohemia; d. December 14, 1926, Norman, Kewaunee Co., Wis.

  7. JOSEPH PELNAR, b. Abt. 1844, Brnirov, Pilzen, Bohemia; d. April 20, 1882, Carlton, Kewaunee, Wis

  8. WENZEL PELNAR, b. Abt. 1848, Brnirov, Pilzen, Bohemia; d. December 30, 1920, Carlton, Kewaunee, Wis.

  9. FRANCIS PELNAR, b. December 03, 1849, Brnirov, Pilzen, Bohemia; d. September 12, 1916, Carlton Twp., Kewaunee Co., Wis.


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